Wifi Installation

A reliable wifi network is prudent for your business success. The Network Installers provide you with a custom designed commercial wifi installation that can handle your daily network needs.

Wireless Internet Installation Services

Setting up a wireless infrastructure in a commercial property is not as simple as setting up a wifi router in a private residence. A fast-paced business environment needs a well implemented wifi installation service because improper installation can create severe connectivity issues, costing the company revenue. The Network Installers has in-depth training and years of experience in wireless internet installation. We know the ins and outs of communication infrastructure and thus can help you set up a reliable wifi network. The wireless connectivity setup will be done throughout the facility for easy access. By leveraging a robust wifi installation, you will keep your business connected to clients and customers. Choose the correct network communication service provider. The Network Installers offers unparalleled service when it comes to commercial wifi installation. Being backed by a team of qualified and proficient engineers, you can expect wifi installation to be done effectively, quickly, and diligently. We treat our clients like our partners.

Site Assessment

Before setting up the commercial wifi, we will send our professional team to your premises to do a complete site assessment. In the site assessment, your location will be analyzed and evaluated to understand how commercial wifi installation must be implemented.


Our engineers will design and engineer wireless infrastructure that meets your facility’s specific needs. We focus on delivering the highest standard of service so that you can enjoy seamless commercial wifi connectivity throughout your facility.


After the evaluation and design process is completed, our engineers will install the commercial wifi system for seamless network communication. The Network Installers is committed to providing you with a service that you can count on.

The Network Installers is the top-rated Wireless Infrastructure Company.

We’ve done our best to provide our clients with white glove customer service. Our team of engineers and technicians ensure that your wireless infrastructure is built for reliability and is also future-proof. If you need a commercial wifi installation service, you can count on us.

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Wireless Network Installation

A commercial/enterprise-level wireless network installation demands the latest technology. That’s why our communication infrastructure involves installing systems like CISCO WAP and Ubiquiti UAP. The infrastructure created will be ideal for high-density client deployment. You require the highest uptime performance and the lowest level of latency. To do that, you need an experienced, trained, and professional commercial wireless network installation service provider.

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cisco wap internet installation

Wireless Internet Installation

We at The Network Installers have an expert team of technicians that provide implementation and maintenance of wifi solutions. We understand the importance of quality wireless internet installation, which is why we never cut corners during our wireless network setup process. Right from the beginning, our engineers survey, assess and work closely with each of our clients to implement a cost effective, yet reliable, network solution.

Network Communication

Commercial properties operate in a highly competitive landscape, which is why there is a need for a seamless and modern network communication service provider. The business world is becoming primarily internet-based and we can deliver what your industry needs and expects of an enterprise operating in today’s environment. You can expect a high-quality, reliable, and expert wireless internet installation.

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Being a leading wifi installation service provider, we cover several locations across California. If your current wifi network is not performing up to your expectations, it’s time to change your service provider and partner up with a company that has a good reputation.

san jose

San Jose

San Jose is the hub of commercial properties, and they rely on The Network Installers for wifi installation, wireless infrastructure, and communication infrastructure services. We understand that every business sector will have different wifi network needs, which is why we offer customized and tailored services that will best suit your budget and requirements.

los angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a bustling city operating on the backbone of wifi network and network infrastructure. You can trust us to provide you with reliable wifi installation, wireless infrastructure, and communication infrastructure services. Allow our team to visit your commercial facility and install wifi to avoid disruptions in your workflow.



If your commercial property is located in Oakland, you can contact us for wifi installation, wireless infrastructure, and communication infrastructure services. We are now proudly serving businesses in the Oakland area. No matter how big or small your business or enterprise is, we have the skills to install wifi in your facility.

san diego

San Diego

Wireless networking is used by the majority of IT managers, enterprises, and commercial properties. To meet the unique demand for wifi infrastructure, give us a call and benefit from our wifi installation, wireless infrastructure, and communication infrastructure service. The success of a wifi installation relies heavily on the proper setup of the wireless network.


The Network Installers prides itself on being one of the best wifi installation companies. And knowing that more and more cities need our services, we made sure to get boots on the ground in Sacramento. We offer high-rated wifi installation, wireless infrastructure and communication infrastructure services to SME and large enterprises. We are here to assist corporate locations in achieving optimum connectivity.

San Francisco golden gate bridge

San Francisco

The Network Installers can help your business in San Francisco with efficient wifi installation, wireless infrastructure, and communication infrastructure services so that you stay connected with your clients and customers alike in total capacity. We can expertly implement a wireless system in your office to connect every device. You can rely on our industry expertise and experience.

Brands We Install

To offer an excellent service, we focus on using the best brands and enterprise-grade materials. We’ll provide you with a wireless internet installation that will enhance your productivity and drive performance to yield greater results for your business.

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Industries We Serve

Being a skilled, versatile, and modern wifi installation service provider, we have had the opportunity to work with multiple industries. We have extended our support to businesses who require a data intensive wifi network. We pride ourselves on offering reliable yet cost-effective solutions to enterprise and commercial properties.

commercial building structured cabling installation

Whether you are a start-up, medium-scale, or large-scale enterprise, our top-quality wifi installation, wireless internet installation, wireless infrastructure, communication infrastructure, and network communication services are available for all. We serve small, medium, and large commercial buildings and can help you with tailored wifi installation solutions.

office wifi installation

Without an excellent wireless infrastructure, it’s difficult for any office to work efficiently. Contact a leading wireless internet installation and wifi installation service provider to upgrade your communication infrastructure. Only a properly performed wireless internet installation and network communication will support a boost in your overall productivity.

warehouse network installation

For an optimized and efficiently working warehouse, a custom made wifi installation service is what you need. We are here to provide you with a modern and reliable wireless infrastructure and communication infrastructure. Invest in a sound wireless internet installation and experience excellent network communication.

manufacturing facility data cable installation

Network communication allows manufacturing facilities to transmit data from one department to another. However, the supply chain is tricky to track; that’s why you need the assistance of a leading wifi installation and wireless internet installation service provider to create a wireless infrastructure and communication infrastructure that transmits information through network communication.

new construction low voltage wiring installation

A newly constructed commercial property indeed requires wifi installation and wireless internet installation to create a top-notch communication infrastructure and wireless infrastructure. Make sure to join hands with recognized and certified contractors that look after your network communication needs and requirements.

network installation for schools

Wireless internet installation and wifi installation in the education sector allow both staff and students to gain access to information worldwide. With an excellent communication infrastructure and wireless infrastructure, the education sector can break the communication barrier. The education sector relies on network communication.

structured cabling installation for hospital

In the healthcare sector, investment in wifi installation and wireless internet installation is extremely important. With the help of modern and reliable communication infrastructure and wireless infrastructure, healthcare providers can gain rapid access to information. Through network communication, hospitals can provide better healthcare solutions to their patients.

network installation for government buildings

Government facilities are always looking for cost-effective and reliable wifi installation and wireless internet installation services. Our aim is to create an excellent communication infrastructure and wireless infrastructure that allows everyone in the office to work proficiently and meet the growing demands of the government sector. Call us to help your government office with network communication.

network installation for tech companies

If your job is to run world-class IT infrastructure, then it makes sense to partner up with a leading wireless internet installation and wifi installation service provider. Being a certified network communication service provider, we can help you design and install a robust and effective communication infrastructure and wireless infrastructure.

data cabling for cannabis businesses

Medical marijuana has come a long way. However, the cannabis industry also needs robust wifi installation and wireless internet installation to provide their customers easy-access to products and equipment. As your network communication partner, we can create the communication infrastructure and wireless infrastructure your facility needs.

Network and Phone Systems for Hospitality

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, wifi installation, and wireless internet installation services, your hotel staff can now quickly be notified when a guest checks in or out. Create a robust communication infrastructure and wireless infrastructure for your hospitality business and experience seamless network communication for your team and guests.

structured cabling installation for retail facility

Wifi installation and wireless internet installation are not only beneficial for customers but when you have effective network communication in place, communication infrastructure and wireless infrastructure allow the operations team to work better. Quickly scan the inventory and improve customer satisfaction with 24/7 speed and reliability.


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