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The Network Installers professional network installation provides fast and secure connections for optimal operation and safety of your business. We guarantee fast and reliable network systems with our first-rate cabling services.

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Network Cabling Installation Services

It is essential for the network system of any business or organization to be of the highest quality as it influences the majority of activities that are run day-to-day. The quality depends on the Network System Installers who execute it, that’s why at The Network Installers, we ensure that we give every customer the very best service and utmost care on every project entrusted to us. Our massive scope of operations range from network cable installation to communication infrastructure and voice and data cable installation. Our services remain the best, they are backed by our skillset, experience and desire to deliver your network system needs with absolute efficacy. Our network cabling installation services will satisfy your needs, whether it’s fiber optic cable repair, electrical data cabling or a structured wiring system, we will deliver a solution that is specifically designed for your facility. At The Network Installers it is tradition to treat our customers as our partners.

The Network Installers is the top-rated Data Cabling Contractor.

The Network Installers stands as the fastest growing provider of data cabling services in California. We’re the top-rated Data Cabling Contractor because we strive to provide our customers premium service, results and long term relationships.

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A Communications Cabling Contractor You Can Depend On

It’s paramount to be confident in the ability of your communications cabling contractor to deliver every time. That’s why we make sure to assess your site, engineer a tailored solution and install your network cabling with proven methods and quality materials. We are a communications cabling contractor you can depend on.

Ethernet Cable Installation
Making use of ethernet cables for connections should be easy and convenient. The Network Installers makes this a reality with our streamlined approach to Ethernet Cable Installation. We only use materials of the best quality to ensure a reliable installation.
Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing
In the installation of fiber optic cables, the very technical skill of fiber optic fusion splicing is required. Our installation experts here at The Network Installers employ this skill for the effective installation of fiber optics in different buildings.
Telephone Installation
Your communication system is the key to effectively running your organization and telephones are essential to the process. Reliable telephone installation should be a top priority. Our telephone installations are properly designed and engineered, always leaving our customers happy and satisfied.
Data Installation
We are very diligent and meticulous in our data installation services and we deliver to the highest level possible. Our data installation team is always passionate, motivated and also dedicated to providing the best customer experience for you every time.
Low Voltage Contractors
We view our customers as partners. This has allowed them to trust us as their favorite low voltage contractor. Our commitment to delivering to their standard and producing great results has also made us the leading contractor in Northern and Southern California.
Wireless Internet Installation
Our offices in Northern and Southern California make us easily reachable and a proximal contact for reliable and rapid wireless internet installation. Our modern approach to Wi-Fi installation services have made us the top choice in the Golden State.
Structured Cabling System Design
At The Network Installers our highly skilled technicians make it a point to maintain a wonderful inter-personal relationship with our customers. Creating a pleasant customer experience, is the reason we are always the first and preferred choice for structured cabling system design.
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Our knowledge of different territories have encouraged us to provide network installation services to several locations across California. We have worked with various industries and sizes of businesses and have given them first-hand experience of our expert network installation.

san jose

San Jose

It is an essential need for the people of San Jose to have a Network Installation Company they can depend on for quality network installation. The Silicon Valley is home to many startups and organizations that rely on heavy transfers of data. The Network Installers has risen up to the need and has been providing them with network wiring, fiber optic installation, voice and data services and Wi-Fi installation among others.

los angeles

Los Angeles

Our premium services have definitely given us a special place in the hearts of the Los Angeles populace. Several businesses, startups and organizations have already chosen The Network installers as their favorite Network Installation Company. We provide them with network wiring, Wi-Fi installation, voice and data installation as well as fiber optic installation services.



Oakland has had the opportunity of experiencing our wonderful customer care and interpersonal relationships first hand. Our customers in this region have also enjoyed our installation services, as we have always provided our customer base there with efficient installation services that include; network wiring, Wi-Fi installation, voice and data as well as fiber optic installation.

san diego

San Diego

We saw a need for a good Network Installation Company in San Diego and filled that space. Our voice and data cabling, network wiring and great customer service won several businesses and organizations over. Our steady growth in San Diego can be credited to our modern approach to Wi-Fi installation and fiber optic installation.


Sacramento is one of several locations that benefit greatly from our various network installation services such as; Wi-Fi installation and fiber optic installation. Sacramento is glad to have an easily accessible Network Installation Company that can provide network wiring and voice and data services without delay and at their utmost convenience too.

San Francisco golden gate bridge

San Francisco

Our presence in San Francisco has been a major help and relief for local business owners. San Francisco has always needed a Network Installation Company they can trust, and with our network wiring, fiber optic installation, Wi-Fi installation as well as voice and data services, we’ve successfully alleviated what would have been a pressing issue for the people.

Brands We Install

The Network Installers does not compromise when it comes to the materials and equipment we use for our installations. We have maintained our status as top-rated network installers because we only carry out installations with the very best brands.

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Industries We Serve

We’re passionate about serving every industry that we can and delivering comprehensive solutions to operations and IT managers. That’s why we are the favorite wiring contractor of industries in different sectors. Our first-rate Wi-Fi installation has introduced us to a lot of the industries we work with today.

commercial building structured cabling installation

Industries in the commercial sector often require our services to easily manage their day-to-day activities, communicate with stakeholders and carry out hitch-free transactions. As communication cable contractors and Wi-Fi installation experts, our installation services ensure that their business operates seamlessly and in real time.

office wifi installation

We offer office network installation to ensure that your team is well connected and their communication lines are the very best. Our telephone installations, Wi-Fi installations and fiber optic installations allow for undisturbed communications, transactions and discussions. Talk to one of our office network specialists today!

warehouse network installation

At The Network Installers, Warehouses are an industry that we value, and they’re also major beneficiaries of our installation services. Our network cable installation eases the operation of their everyday activity and our telephone installations are instrumental to their communication systems.

manufacturing facility data cable installation

Manufacturing industries employ our installation services for the various tasks their people need to perform. Our customer’s wireless devices and automated machinery function seamlessly as a result of our Wi-Fi installations and as their communication cabling contractors, we make sure their communication lines operate properly.

new construction low voltage wiring installation

We often work in conjunction with construction companies to perform network cable installation and run cables through new buildings during construction. Depending on the purpose of the new construction, we may carry out other low voltage installations such as audio video cabling and communications cable.

network installation for schools

We play a vital role in the education industry. The effective communication and information transfer in this industry greatly depends on our network cable installation, Wi-Fi installation and our fiber optic installation. Our customers and clients in the education industry trust us to deliver on time, every time.

structured cabling installation for hospital

Whether it is a fiber optic installation or Wi-Fi installation, we are trusted as communications cabling contractors to ensure that our customers in the healthcare industry are always taken care of. We provide them a technology focused approach using the highest quality equipment and materials.

network installation for government buildings

Whether we’re installing browser based access control systems or cloud based access control systems, we incorporate the most secure and user friendly card access systems on the market. We offer web demos or in-person consultations to demonstrate the most cutting edge technology in access control today.

network installation for tech companies

In all regions where The Network Installers offices are located, we are the preferred communications cabling contractor for technological industries. Our modern approach to fiber optic installation, network cable installation and Wi-Fi installation put us ahead of the rest, making us an easy choice for tech companies.

data cabling for cannabis businesses

We offer our cabling services to the Cannabis industry. We provide communication cable, telephone installation, Wi-Fi installation, and fiber optic cable installation for proper operation of communication systems, rfid scanners, security systems and more. We utilize the best installation methods and deliver performance-focused results.

Network and Phone Systems for Hospitality

Whether we’re making Wi-Fi installations or communication and data cable installations, we utilize the most reliable and effective methods of network setup for hospitality industries. Our top-rated customer service makes us a favorable choice for businesses in the hospitality industry. Get in touch with one of our network specialists today!

structured cabling installation for retail facility

We provide retail facilities with data cabling for intercom systems and point of sale systems. We also know that Wi-Fi installation and communications cabling is important for the daily operation of a retail store. That’s why we only use the best equipment and materials for our retail network installations. Contact us for a free quote today!


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