Voice & Data Installation Services

The Network Installers is a professional network installation service provider that aims to optimize data centers through specialized services in structured wiring, voice and data cabling, and fiber optic installation.

Voice & Data Cable Installer Company

You need a dedicated and reliable voice and data services provider to keep your network functioning at its best. As a proven telecom contractor, we will send experienced technicians and installers to help build your infrastructure for a secure electrical cabling connection. Our highly qualified team covers telephone installation, structured cabling, fiber optic, and ethernet cable installation for business communication and telecommunications. With our top-notch voice and data services, you can expect the best options for all your data cabling needs. Quality structured cabling connects various devices to your phone and data network. Whether you’re looking to connect computers, phones, copiers, cameras, processors, servers, or wireless devices and equipment, the Network Installers will work to ensure maximum connectivity. Internet access will no longer be a hassle, as we promise to deliver exceptional electrical wiring standards. Our job is properly configuring your data networks, telephone systems, VoIP software, voice, and data cabling essentials. Fast data transmission, internet protocol, and network stability are key factors when setting up a genuinely robust network.

Site Assessment

Evaluating the installation site is a critical step in determining the scope of work necessary for optimized results. The Network Installers will perform a thorough site assessment for every detail of your voice, data, and network wiring requirements.


Our experts will use their skills to design, develop, and engineer a leading-edge voice and data cabling network. Structured wall cabling is the copper or fiber wiring needed to connect your devices and provide Power over Ethernet technology.


Using high-quality products for structured wiring, we aim to install a physical layer infrastructure to support modern IT data systems, private branch exchange, and other telecommunication applications. We will discuss your business goals and offer a complete voice and data cabling installation solution with expertise, customized customer services, and cost savings.

The Network Installers is the top-rated Voice & Data Cabling Company.

The Network Installers is the name you can trust regarding voice and data cabling. Our professionals have installed structured wiring and internet through fiber optic at multiple locations, giving us an edge in the network and telecommunications industry and management.

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Telecom Contractors

As a corporate entity or business, ensure that certified communication contractors get your data cabling and wiring done. The Network Installers is your go-to cabling service provider for delivering a rigid framework and technology that promises maximum connectivity and access control. Our structured wiring solutions will meet your demands for a dedicated cabling network and other communication services.

network cable installation
electrical data cabling

Electrical Data Cabling Solutions Near Me

Choosing the right provider for data cabling is as essential as choosing the best infrastructure for your organization. Electrical data cabling involves complex wiring systems for secure installation, productivity, and efficiency. We must install an organized cabling service and properly manage low-voltage networks. Our trained installers can handle network installation as well as low-voltage cabling.

Telephone Installation

Businesses and organizations across the globe need uninterrupted communication. We understand the demands of industries and take pride in our robust telephone installation services. Our customers can also benefit from business telephone service in the form of Voice solutions or VoIP phone systems and other communications equipment. Whatever your requirement, the Network Installers can manage and provide an unmatched solution and service connected to your connectivity goals.

ethernet cable installation


As a leading voice and data cabling provider, The Network Installers provides cables and components from authentic and renowned manufacturers. We supply all categories of copper cabling and fiber optic for transmitted technologies, internal computer components, internet protocol, reduced downtime, access controls, and cost-effectiveness of communications.

san jose

San Jose

A certified telecom contractor and network installation company, we deliver our excellent voice and data services to the people of San Jose. Our offers include telephone installation, electrical data cabling and structured wiring capabilities for small and large organizations. San Jose can now experience true connectivity with specialized data cabling, networks and uninterrupted internet access.

los angeles

Los Angeles

Raising the bar as a well-known telecom contractor, The Network Installers has brought dedicated telephone installation, electrical data cabling and structured wiring solutions to businesses and entities in the city of Los Angeles. Our voice and data cabling infrastructure has helped many organizations uphold their status of maximum connectivity, security and reliability throughout the location.



Oakland is another one of our valued service locations. Residences, businesses and commercial properties in Oakland can benefit from high-quality voice and data systems, network cabling, telephone installation and electrical data cabling services. We know what it means to be a trusted and sought-after telecom contractor, and we live up to the expectations of our customers.

san diego

San Diego

Several industries and enterprise-level businesses utilize our services in electrical data cabling and telephone installation. San Diego is no exception. That’s why many of our customers at this location put their faith in the hands of an experienced telecom contractor. We offer unbeatable voice and data cabling, ethernet cable installation and power over ethernet technology.


Expanding our voice and data cabling services across several locations, we bring unparalleled electrical data cabling and telephone installation solutions to Sacramento. Industries, businesses and properties in this beautiful city can connect with The Network Installers for all their telecom contractor provisions. Many start-ups and enterprises choose our services to ensure connectivity, maintenance and stability.

San Francisco golden gate bridge

San Francisco

The Network Installers is a telecom contractor that has a dedicated presence in the city of San Francisco. We proudly serve our customers in this location, providing outstanding services for telephone installation, electrical data cabling and network wiring. Companies, residences and commercial sectors have access to secure voice and data cabling for their network connectivity requirements.

Brands We Install

As one of the leading voice and data cabling companies, The Network Installers provides cables and components from authentic and renowned manufacturers. We supply all categories of copper cabling and fiber optic for reliable transmission, reduced downtime and cost effectiveness.

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Industries We Serve

Network installation and wiring technology are highly critical to organizations. We feel honored to serve exceptional standards of voice and data cabling to several industries in different locations. Every business has a unique set of connectivity requirements. We guarantee fast and efficient signals while maintaining an organized cabling system.

commercial building structured cabling installation

Commercial properties require complex infrastructure to maintain consistent communication within a trusted network. That’s why we give our best as a telecom contractor to help you set up your electrical data cabling and telephone installation services. Our installers are capable of designing commercial network solutions.

office wifi installation

We know how much you care for your business, and that’s why our highly qualified team ensures guaranteed electrical data cabling. Offices and corporate locations can rely on our cost effective voice and data cabling solutions for maximum connectivity. Contact us for convenient network installation.

warehouse network installation

Voice and data cabling in warehouses can be a challenge. The Network Installers will take care of all your warehouse network requirements through structured wiring, electrical data cabling, WiFi systems and telephone installation. Your devices can benefit from uninterrupted connectivity and power over ethernet technology.

manufacturing facility data cable installation

Connectivity and network infrastructure are of utmost importance for manufacturing businesses. Our telecom contractor team has the expertise to install an efficient voice and data cabling network for your specific industry. This will allow your teams to work faster with greater efficiency and zero interruptions!

new construction low voltage wiring installation

New buildings call for new wiring and networks. In addition to telephone installation, you need well connected electrical data cabling, patch panels, low voltage wiring and other components to keep your network running. With our services, you won’t worry about disruptions with access or devices.

network installation for schools

Learning institutions require reliable networks. Voice and data cabling is an essential component for educational facilities everywhere. Whether you need WiFi, structured wiring, telephone installation, connected devices or security, our team has got you covered! As a reputable telecom contractor, we will get you connected.

structured cabling installation for hospital

High-performing voice and data cabling is now an industry standard for healthcare. These locations have operating rooms, devices, remote consultation and monitoring. With the increase in data volume and demand for high speed data transmission, electrical data cabling is a requirement for medical facilities worldwide.

network installation for government buildings

Applying high standards for improved performance, our installers assist Government institutions to set up high-speed networks for optimum performance and security. We help governments improve their IT networks keeping in mind their diverse needs for voice and data cabling, telephone installation, WiFi and structured wiring.

network installation for tech companies

As a distinguished telecom contractor, we understand the increasing demands of technology. Voice and data networks are an absolute necessity. Through structured cabling and wiring, businesses in the technology industry can ensure maximum connectivity and optimized performance of their servers, computers, cables and telephone installation.

data cabling for cannabis businesses

We have extensive experience in the customization and installation of cannabis compliant voice and data networks. This industry is constantly evolving. We understand the need to keep in line with government mandated policies on security, access control, connectivity and low voltage electrical data cabling.

Network and Phone Systems for Hospitality

As a rapidly evolving industry, the hospitality sector calls for structured wiring and voice and data cabling to optimize its networks. The integration of heavy internet-based applications and digital services has prompted the need for secure electrical data cabling to form a robust network infrastructure.

structured cabling installation for retail facility

Retail outlets and stores are now shifting toward modern self-checkout, and these applications can only work given strong electrical data cabling to handle the demands of voice and data access. Our technicians will connect your devices securely, giving you an enhanced Point of Sales system.


What types of voice services are available?

Common voice services include traditional landline telephony, Voice over Internet Protocol (Vo-IP), and mobile phone services. These options vary regarding technology, money, limited access, and features.

Vo-IP, in particular, has gained popularity for its affordability and versatility, while traditional landlines and mobile services continue to serve specific needs and preferences.

How can I ensure its security? 

Implement measures like firewalls, encryption, and regular software updates to secure these services.

These precautions help safeguard against breaches and cyberattacks, ensuring the integrity of the your technology and communications.


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