Wireless Solutions for Hospitals

The Network Installers offers wireless solutions for hospitals, skillfully designed and delivered by professional engineers. We work towards the implementation of our user-oriented networks for optimal performance in medical facilities.

Healthcare Network Cabling and WiFi

Our extensive experience in network installation for various businesses has helped us develop wireless solutions for hospitals. To cope with the need of internet for healthcare facilities, our professionals are constantly working with efficient networks. We provide scalable solutions through our experienced engineers at The Network Installers who ascertain efficient installation of hospital network infrastructure. The infrastructure is specially tailored to mitigate the potential risks and overcome limitations of outdated systems and wiring. As medical practitioners rely on fast-paced automated data collection and upgrades, our installation team assists them by providing customized structured data cabling for healthcare facilities. Being the backbone of the entire system, the network infrastructure is not only efficient but also cost-effective, flexible and adaptable. For further facilitation, The Network Installers also extends its wireless installation services in order to cope with the increasing reliance on wireless systems. Our goal is to provide optimal performance for our users by choosing the right equipment that promises maximum connectivity.

Site Assessment

Our team at The Network Installers performs site assessment visits prior to development of a hospital IT network system. Thus, a well-planned network and cabling infrastructure is secured which helps in providing hospitals with a reliable and advanced technological setup.


If you want your networking cables and wireless systems to be engineered perfectly, The Network Installers is the best choice. With its highly qualified and experienced team of professionals, the company provides a secure network installation for healthcare facility purposes.


We understand the need of a steady and fast internet connection with improved range for hospitals and clinics. We install a running data cable in healthcare facility locations, efficiently routing cables to offer greater security and a reliable connection.

The Network Installers is the top-rated Data Cabling Company for Healthcare Facilities

The Network Installers is among the top-rated data cabling companies that provide secure internet for healthcare facilities. Our data cable installation is known for its durability, flexibility and scalability that are vital for medical experts, physicians and practitioners today.

Google Reviews
Google Reviews

Wireless Phones for Hospitals

Within the health sector, The Network Installers provides wireless phones for hospitals. The result includes enhanced telehealth services for both patients and doctors. We are experts in the installation of a wireless nurse call system for hospitals that are looking for remote healthcare monitoring of their patients. Our professional team installs a fully integrated communication system for the best experience.

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cisco wap internet installation

Wireless Solutions for Hospitals

Advancements in technology have brought an inevitable reliance on efficient network infrastructure for an enhanced IT experience. Wireless network installation services, meticulously planned by our highly qualified engineers, allow for convenient data analysis and diagnosis. Our wireless solutions for hospitals ascertain cost-effective real time documentation and quick remote access to patient records. Contact us today for your custom solution.

Hospital Network Diagram

Hospital Network Diagram

Modern healthcare systems typically require efficient handling of extensive data that doctors and patients can access remotely. Telehealth communications can be secure with the help of fiber optic cabling for healthcare facility use. When you avail services from The Network Installers, we ensure that critical data and information travel quickly and securely. Contact us for fiber optic cable installation services.


Whether you need structured cabling, low voltage wiring, Wi-Fi installation or fiber optic internet services, The Network Installers has you covered. With an aim to offer cable and network installation service for healthcare facilities, we proudly serve the following locations.

san jose

San Jose

For enhancing the services offered in the health sector, every hospital needs to upgrade its communication infrastructure. The Network Installers’ installation services are now available in San Jose, delivering data cabling and wireless solutions for hospitals. Our professional team is now available near you to provide a seamless IT infrastructure that will power your network.

los angeles

Los Angeles

The booming industrial enterprise in Los Angeles has led to a massive population influx in the city. This has increased the need for advanced healthcare facilities to accommodate more people. With our innovative and customized data cabling and wireless solutions for hospitals, The Network Installers is making waves in healthcare for both doctors and patients.



Efficient network installation services are required to manage frequent emergencies in hospitals. For installation of a meticulously planned network system, our professional engineers are now extending their services to hospitals in Oakland. We care for you, which is why our data cabling and wireless solutions for hospitals are targeted to ensure your ease through automation.

san diego

San Diego

Large-scale healthcare setups in San Diego require a seamless infrastructure for maximum connectivity. It is crucial to have the best installation services, that’s why The Network Installers delivers data cabling and wireless solutions for hospitals. Should you need communication infrastructure development and installation services, we are here in San Diego to help scale your enterprise.


To cater to the needs of a wider audience, we are now offering data cabling and wireless solutions for hospitals in Sacramento. Some of the services we currently offer in the city include fiber optic cable installation, centralized telephone systems, and a dedicated network infrastructure that can adapt to the evolving needs of healthcare facilities.

San Francisco golden gate bridge

San Francisco

As a network installer in San Francisco, we realize that the advancement of healthcare facilities is contingent upon reliable communication infrastructure. We bring you professional data cabling and wireless solutions for hospitals with our extensive experience. Our service is the best choice for medical facilities. Contact us and find the perfect solution for your hospital.

Fiber Optic Cabling for Healthcare Facility

Modern healthcare systems typically require efficient handling of extensive data that doctors and patients can access remotely. Telehealth communications can be secure with the help of fiber optic cabling for healthcare facility use. When you avail services from The Network Installers, we ensure that critical data and information travel quickly and securely. Contact us for fiber optic cable installation services.

fiber optic cable installation
commercial low voltage wiring

Network Design Proposal for Hospital

At The Network Installers, we realize the importance of a network system customized to meet the users’ requirements. We provide a unique network design proposal for hospital buildings, specially tailored to ensure that the changing needs of the hospital staff and the clients are regularly met. In other words, our thoroughly designed proposals mitigate potential threats and promise sustainable solutions.

Brands We Install

We understand the need for high-quality connections as our company sets out to install well-planned network cabling for healthcare facilities. You can trust us to provide top-notch products from renowned brands such as Cisco Meraki, RingCentral, TRENDnet, Cradlepoint and more.

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