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Looking for the most trusted Fortinet partner services? You’re at the right place. Our job is to ensure that your business is provided with effective cybersecurity solutions. There’s no doubt security today has become non-negotiable for business. We are a Fortinet distributor working to deliver high-performance network security solutions such as physical firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion prevention systems, and endpoint security components. With a trusted Fortinet provider like us, your business is in safe hands. Through our service, you can gain access to Fortinet security fabric that continuously assesses the risks and provides real-time protection against cyber attacks. As a Fortinet partner and distributor, we offer our top-notch services to install or repair a Fortinet system. With the increasing funds you invest in your business, you cannot forget about emerging security threats. You would never risk the security of your business, and that’s why The Network Installers is your Fortinet expert for upgrading your Fortinet system with robust network security.

Site Assessment

Site assessment is critical to any network installation. At The Network Installers, we have a Fortinet expert who looks into the specific needs of your site and network prior to installation. We conduct a detailed site assessment for your satisfaction.


The installation process is complex, and only professionals should deal with it. The Network Installers has a solution for everything you need. Our Fortinet certified network professional is ready to skillfully handle the technical aspects for your Fortinet cybersecurity solution.


After our network professionals have reviewed the site and design of your Fortinet solution, we move to installation. Our Fortinet installers will install your security solution and get it running. Contact us today to get expert advice for your business.

The Network Installers is the top-rated Fortinet partner.

At The Network Installers, we have a team of certified technicians and experts that work to deliver quality and performance. We are proud to be the top-rated Fortinet authorized partner providing installation services in several industries and locations across California.

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Fortinet Expert

Fortinet cybersecurity solutions can be used for security-driven networking to run a safe business. We have you covered for high-performing Fortinet system installations. Our Fortinet expert will handle everything needed for your network setup. We provide you the industry’s highest-performing integrated cybersecurity solutions with the broadest open ecosystem for all. Contact us for seamless interoperability, complete visibility and granular control.

network cable installation
fortinet router setup

Fortinet Router Setup

Fortinet router setup is a technical process that should be dealt with skill and expertise. An effective FortiGate setup requires connections with WAN and ISP-supplied equipment. At The Network Installers, we have an experienced team of technicians and installers who can handle this for you. If you are looking for a reliable Fortinet partner, we are here at your service.

Fortinet Network Monitoring

For every problem, Fortinet has a solution. FortiMonitor is a solution introduced by Fortinet for Fortinet network monitoring. It is a SaaS-based digital network monitoring solution. As a Fortinet distributor and reseller, we offer this service to you. Contact us today for installation and get a deep analysis of both network health metrics and application performance to identify potential problems.

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For business to be secure, we offer our services across several locations. We have extensive experience with Fortinet networking solutions and take pride in calling ourselves a top-rated Fortinet partner. If you are at the following locations, contact us today!

san jose

San Jose

As one of the most vibrant cities in California, San Jose welcomes many businesses and enterprises. Therefore, we understand the need for these businesses to be safe and sound. As a Fortinet installer, The Network Installers has extended its services across different locations in San Jose. Contact us for a reliable certified Fortinet solution setup.

los angeles

Los Angeles

By analysing the needs of our clients, we have been able to expand our services in Los Angeles. Known as a hub of business opportunities, Los Angeles has many businesses looking for solutions to power IT network security. We offer Fortinet network security solutions to protect your users, data, and network from continuous security threats.



Corporations and businesses in Oakland are more than ready to make their business safe from potential security threats. If your business is based in Oakland and you’re looking for a reliable Fortinet provider, connect with us. We will provide cost-effective Fortinet cybersecurity solutions to put up with the pace of user demands and data security.

san diego

San Diego

As the world undergoes digital innovation, we have expanded our services to clients in San Diego to offer high-end security solutions. Fortinet network setup gives your business centralized management and end-to-end security infrastructure. A top-rated Fortinet partner like us offers you professional Fortinet networking solutions. Give us a call to talk to a Fortinet expert.


Our experience with Fortinet has made us capable of delivering the best cybersecurity solutions to businesses and corporations in Oakland. To keep your data secure and have endpoint security components, you need a professional Fortinet reseller like us. We offer our clients intrusion prevention programs, router setups, antivirus software, zero trust access and much more.

San Francisco golden gate bridge

San Francisco

As in all other cities, our services are present in San Francisco as well. At The Network Installers, we have a Fortinet installer to handle your business in San Francisco. Our Fortinet setup is always available to serve clients from large corporations to local businesses. You can always trust us for security solutions and installations.

Fortinet Installation Checklist

Fortinet Installation Checklist

If you need a high-quality security solution to upgrade your business, we are here to serve you. We offer network installations, upgrades and repairs to our clients across different cities. Our security solutions and endpoint security components will help you in achieving your goal. We also have a Fortinet installation checklist ready for you. Reach out today to get yours!

Industries We Serve

As a Fortinet expert, we have years of experience in several industries. From commercial industries to retail, we have your security needs covered. If your business falls in one of these industries, try our expert team for network security solutions.

commercial building structured cabling installation

Commercial industries face many cyber threats and challenges on a daily basis. Every commercial industry needs a cybersecurity solution to run successfully. As a Fortinet provider, we offer real solutions to commercial industries to help them accelerate security, preserve data, and maximize productivity.

office wifi installation

Our team is proud to serve thousands of customers in offices across several locations. Corporate offices require adequate network security solutions for confidential data and information. As a Fortinet partner, we offer certified Fortinet installation and repair services for offices. Call us now for upgrades!

warehouse network installation

It is very important for warehouses to keep a check and balance on their products. However, it can be difficult to manage so many things at the same time. As a Fortiner reseller, we offer cybersecurity solutions to warehouses for unified management and high-end security.

manufacturing facility data cable installation

Our Fortinet installer offers manufacturing industries top-notch installation, upgrade, and repair services of Fortinet security solutions. Manufacturing industries need a safe environment for maximum productivity and data preservation. With us, protect IT and OT manufacturing resources against potential threats through a robust unified platform.

new construction low voltage wiring installation

A cybersecurity and networking solution should be set up during the construction of a building. Our engineers and technicians have worked with many contractors to install cybersecurity solutions. If you want a powerful solution for your premises, get in touch with our Fortinet expert today.

network installation for schools

Educational facilities want to keep students and staff safe, and we want the same. As a Fortinet distributor, we offer our services to support a secure smart campus. Fortinet setup will enable digital safety for students and networks in and around the school premises.

structured cabling installation for hospital

Healthcare faces enough pressure to deal with network security concerns. Therefore, we have this problem taken care of. Our certified Fortinet setup protects patients and physicians against cyber attacks to keep them safe. Enjoy the latest advances in patient care by choosing our Fortinet installer.

network installation for government buildings

Governments need more security than any other industry because their data is very private and confidential. On the other hand, governments face many nation-wide threats as well. Our Fortinet setup will protect your data and critical infrastructure against all kinds of nation-wide threats. Contact us today.

network installation for tech companies

Though the advancements in the technology industry have made life much easier, their security needs are still very high. As a Fortinet distributor, we offer our services to many technology driven companies. We ensure protection against advanced cyber threats, optimize costs, and improve network efficiency.

data cabling for cannabis businesses

If your business is a part of the cannabis industry, our Fortinet installer and expert is ready to help you. Keep your data and products safe with high-performance cybersecurity solutions provided by us. Our Fortinet solutions will enable security consolidation and detect potential cyber threats.

Network and Phone Systems for Hospitality

Security is critical to every industry. Imagine your customers leave because of lack of network security, which you surely wouldn’t want. If you need a reliable Fortinet partner, contact us today. Our certified Fortinet setup enables dedicated cybersecurity without compromising the quality of customer experience.

structured cabling installation for retail facility

Another industry that we are proud to serve is the retail industry. The retail sector can only be safe with an end-to-end security solution. We offer a complete Fortinet setup to protect retailers against any advanced threats, ensuring positive shopping experiences and preserving user experience.


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