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With rigorous training and expertise, we ensure seamless installations, optimal performance, and reliability.

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As a Belden-certified installer, we make sure that your organization scales effectively and remains connected through modern tech. Today’s Companies are closely linked within their own business and to other industries. With the promise of a smooth system, Belden partners like us keep your connectivity secure to build flexibility. As a Belden-certified reseller, we also provide repair and maintenance services so that any issues that may compromise your setup can be rectified. Your experience matters to The Network Installers, and we fully believe in providing customer service that you can always trust. We deploy talented engineers to collaborate with your teams for a custom solution that meets the industry standard and its markets. An enterprise is only as good as the technology it incorporates into its work. As a Belden partner, we understand that any industry needs help to keep its pace in the markets as advancements continue. That’s why our technicians ensure an experience of seamless end-to-end networking and maximum connectivity. Call now to add value to your business projects.

Site Assessment

All commercial businesses require unique solutions for their IT operations. So, as Belden partner alliance and certified installer, our technicians perform a site assessment to determine the most appropriate model that would suit your business and projects. Our Belden network engineers will strive to ensure the best service for your business projects.


Dealing with network and security installations requires proficiency. Custom solutions with cabling and wireless networks demand highly skilled professionals, which we are ready to offer. Connect with us today and let our certified Belden support and handle upgrades of your key products.


Our Belden installation prepares your business for long-lasting progress and intense workflows. As your reliable partners, we deploy the best team to provide the most straightforward products to manage. Strengthen operational efficiencies within networks through our custom set-up that fits your projects and business.

The Network Installers is the top-rated Belden partner.

The Network Installers prides itself in its installations and repair services, presenting some of the top-rated network engineering capabilities globally. Our customer success and satisfaction make us stand out as a highly sought-after Belden partner alliance in the business industry.

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Belden Cable Distributors

We are among the highly endorsed Belden cable distributors, providing businesses with the most convenient enterprise-grade system and repair services. As one of Belden’s partners, we work hard to ensure that clients get world-class system design and implementation for their commercial IT setup. We offer to partner with users and teams and build trust. Quick service, world-class products, efficient technicians, and reliable connectivity are just a phone call away.

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Belden Wireless Access Point

Belden Wireless Network Installation Services

Having a top-tier wireless network is an essential feature of an enterprise, often at the core of many operations. It is also true for maintaining the world-class integrity of organizational cybersecurity. With our Belden wireless installations and other products, you can access all that with even more of Belden’s cloud-based services. You won’t have to worry about networking access or connectivity issues.

Belden Certified Partners Near Me

Belden connects with the most reliable experts to add to their list of partners. We are a certified Belden reseller, and we deploy our expert installers for quality work. Our professionals and high-end service have allowed many industrial players in the business to build an empire above their markets. Our custom solutions offer unparalleled performance with the most manageable security, packed with cost-effective and world-class network solutions. Contact us today!

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When it comes to providing the best connectivity solutions, our Belden certified network engineers have expanded their service to multiple strategic locations across California. We are devoted to providing scalable, flexible technology for businesses and corporations in the following cities.

san jose

San Jose

San Jose is a center for industrial progression, which makes it great for offering technologies provided by Belden resellers. This is the perfect spot for our trusted services, where we offer cabling and wireless networking solutions that set businesses up for longevity and sustainability. Contact us now and set yourself up for corporate network success!

los angeles

Los Angeles

Bustling with a variety of businesses and home to much of the well-known entertainment industry, Los Angeles demands peak performance in terms of wireless networks. Such requirements need the best hands to enhance networking technology, which we are ready to provide. Connect with your local Belden resellers to gear your organization up for the future.



Oakland houses many flourishing industries, and being a port city means that it requires seamless wireless networking. The Network Installers is a Belden certified installer that delivers its services within the Oakland area. Belden’s network services help establish exceptional connectivity for businesses. Contact us today for a new installation or upgrades to your existing network.

san diego

San Diego

San Diego is an area that boasts a lively environment, and with it comes a highly industrialized community. Such progress demands top-notch networking. But no need to worry, as The Network Installers offer Belden’s security and networking technology to industries in the area. If you’re looking for your connectivity fix, you can rely on us.


Well known for having a multitude of industries within its perimeters, Sacramento is a space of constant interconnectivity. Within Sacramento, various business and corporate establishments can avail Belden’s services to ensure their IT systems remain high-performing. Once contacted, The Network Installers will dispatch their talented engineering workforce to ensure you get your custom networking model.

San Francisco golden gate bridge

San Francisco

Much of San Francisco’s industry is highly technological and financial. This brings in the increasing demand for the best wireless network infrastructure companies can receive. Fast and manageable network and security services are a choice you can make with a Belden certified installer like us. Get in touch today for an expert installation or repair.

belden certified installer​

Belden Installation

Hiring The Network Installers will mark off every item on your checklist. We offer innovative solutions to our customers for data center optimization, automation, cybersecurity, and wireless networking. If you’re looking for sustainable infrastructure solutions and networking products, The Network Installers can help you maximize efficiency, optimize security, and drive digital transformation for your projects. Contact the best Belden installer and power your network!

Industries We Serve

As a certified Belden partner in California, The Network Installers provides its high-quality professional services to multiple commercial and industrial business sectors. Building and maintaining a reliable, cost-effective infrastructure will always remain among our core values.

commercial building structured cabling installation

A Belden certified installer, The Network Installers can deploy their experts to support the trade within commercial businesses. We understand the need for constant connectivity. When business networks are compromised, productivity could slow down. We assure top-notch quality with our Belden installation and repair services.

office wifi installation

Offices are part of an industry that calls for integrated internal networking and they hold it as important as connectivity beyond their organization. For enhanced communications across your business, a Belden reseller is your top choice. Connect with The Network Installers and secure your network.

warehouse network installation

The warehousing industry involves supply chain management, and with the ever-advancing digital age, tracking inflow and outflow of inventory is moving to the virtual space. For this reason, Belden resellers are the best choice for companies that need seamless connectivity and secure networking for warehouses.

manufacturing facility data cable installation

The manufacturing industry is linked heavily to other industries such as the tech space. Innovation is central to companies in these industries, and secure networks are in high demand. The Network Installers supply wireless networks and cabling to manufacturing corporations and promise high-speed quality connections.

new construction low voltage wiring installation

New construction is an industry where cabling infrastructure is a top priority. For commercial data centers or integrated networks, infrastructure requires skilled installers to work with. For that purpose, Belden cable distributors like us will ensure you get the best, cost-effective model for your property.

network installation for schools

Much of the education system is now incorporated into the digital space, meaning smooth wireless networking is essential to institutes. The Network Installers supports the growth of the education industry by giving the best technology for online activity. So get in touch with us today!

structured cabling installation for hospital

We promise healthcare providers with IT and security solutions that will allow them to keep up with the major advances in healthcare. Wireless communication, nurse call systems and data management, just to name a few, are medical industry functions that come with Belden network installation.

network installation for government buildings

For security applications such as surveillance equipment, quality connectivity and cable management are essential. As such, Belden’s purpose-built networking technology allows companies in the government sector to have the best LAN capabilities while still maintaining top-notch wireless performance. Connect with us to reinforce your connectivity!

network installation for tech companies

The technology industry is what influences the progress of day-to-day living. As such, the industry is everlasting and calls for some high-tech networking equipment. Belden resellers like us work with tech companies to build out IT solutions that are reliable and reinforce their overall security.

data cabling for cannabis businesses

Security and monitoring equipment are key for efficient production in the cannabis industry. Any loss in network integrity would affect the monitoring of crops, risking plant quality. We are Belden cable distributors who provide companies cultivating cannabis with effective wireless solutions to optimize operational efficiencies.

Network and Phone Systems for Hospitality

Reliable internet connectivity in the hospitality sector is an essential requirement. Monitoring, data management, guest experience, all require stable and constant Internet access. The Network Installers has cabling and Internet solutions that meet all the requirements of the hospitality sector. Get your network upgrade today!

structured cabling installation for retail facility

The retail industry supplies products to many local communities. Companies in the retail sector experience a constant flux of goods and need a trusted connection for effective payment solutions online. Such needs require highly managed cabling services and professional engineers that we can provide you.


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