Low Voltage Wiring

Low voltage wiring is one of the key components of a reliable network infrastructure. Designed to carry less power, it brings energy efficiency and optimum performance in structured cabling systems.

Low Voltage Contractor Services

As one of the leading low voltage contractors in the cable construction industry, we help you build a safe and scalable network that ensures top-notch electrical data cabling, low voltage wiring and maintenance. Our core specialties include network and cabling for new construction sites as well as redesign and enhancement of existing wiring. The Network Installers will provide you with expert technicians to optimize agility, performance and connectivity within your data centers or network installation site. Consistent communication and digital infrastructure make the foundation of your electrical network. This includes installation of telephone services, WiFi, voice and data cabling, audio visual systems, network wiring, computer networking, security and device connectivity. All of these critical network components require low voltage wiring to save you from unnecessary costs, high maintenance and downtime. We are highly qualified cable contractors who know how different appliances work. We specialize in low voltage networks, which means our services will give you maximum connectivity and energy efficiency.

Site Assessment

Our certified team of professionals will perform a thorough site assessment to analyze your network and business requirements. We check for efficiency, quality, safety and design to make sure you get the best low voltage wiring services for your network.


For your low voltage networks, it is critical to hire a certified wiring contractor. With years of experience and knowledge on low voltage systems, cabling and appliances, we will develop a robust data network using state-of-the-art engineering, technology and design.


Following a complete site inspection and network development, we will send our installers to implement the structured cabling infrastructure for your commercial security or business network. The Network Installers is your go-to brand when you need experienced low voltage contractors.

The Network Installers is the top-rated Low Voltage Wiring Contractor.

As a reputable low voltage wiring contractor, we ensure that your business is protected with the right cabling setup. Maintaining optimum network performance and uninterrupted connectivity, we will configure and modernize your existing setup into a dedicated low voltage network.

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Cable Contractors

Modern businesses and organizations are in need of low voltage wiring. When it comes to maximum connectivity, we are among top-rated cable contractors who know how to get the job done. We understand the intricacies of low voltage systems and provide exceptional services that cover telephone installation, structured wiring, WiFi, intercom, commercial security, computer networking and voice and data cabling.

network cable installation
cisco wap internet installation

Electrical Data Cabling

If you are looking to connect your computers, printers, copiers, security cameras, network devices, telephones and WiFi, The Network Installers will design and implement quality electrical data cabling for you. This will help maximize efficiency while keeping a rigid check on disruptions and downtime. You can be 100% sure of reliable data transmission to power your business and minimize losses.

Low Voltage Construction

As specialists in network wiring, fiber optics and voice and data cabling, we provide guaranteed low voltage construction services for businesses and commercial properties. We analyze network size and requirements to deliver reliable low voltage wiring for your new construction. Our goal is to bring the best possible connectivity to our customers with high-quality cables, keeping in mind low voltage appliances and systems.

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We serve a number of locations, providing network optimization for residences, businesses and industries across several states. As low voltage contractors, we know the difference between standard and low voltage wiring. Our diverse coverage makes us a reliable service provider.

san jose

San Jose

Communities and businesses in San Jose are eager to meet the demands of low voltage wiring for better efficiency and scale. As low voltage contractors, we commit to deliver top-notch cable construction, network installation and structured wiring solutions to upscale your data centers. We offer modern technology with fast data transmission for optimizing network performance.

los angeles

Los Angeles

With the growing demands of technology and modern networking, organizations and businesses in Los Angeles need dedicated low voltage wiring. Through our cable construction service developed exclusively for this purpose, we design your networks according to your specific needs. Low voltage contractors like us ensure maximum connectivity and fast data transmission to scale your business.



Startups and corporate locations in Oakland are heavily reliant on experienced low voltage contractors to improve electrical data cabling systems. A company focused on high-quality cable construction, The Network Installers is your first choice when it comes to low voltage wiring and networks needed for cost-effective solutions. We create enterprise-level data networks for enhanced connectivity.

san diego

San Diego

Our cable construction services have expanded to accommodate the needs of low voltage wiring networks within San Diego. We deliver high-level design, development and installation as low voltage contractors; covering WiFi, telephone systems, voice and data cabling, structured wiring, device connectivity and electrical cabling. Residences, startups, businesses and commercial properties can avail our quality services.


We are among the most reliable low voltage contractors in Sacramento. Communities, businesses and commercial properties in this city can experience true scalability and connectivity within their networks. We provide top-rated cable construction services catering to low voltage wiring for devices, networks, telephone installation, structured cabling and WiFi. Connect today for free consultation.

San Francisco golden gate bridge

San Francisco

Commercial security and network optimization are a standard for companies and data networks in San Francisco. These complex solutions require low voltage wiring from certified low voltage contractors. The Network Installers is your best choice when it comes to cable construction and structured wiring for a better, efficient and reliable network. Call today for free consultation!

Brands We Install

In addition to engineering and installation, a rigid network calls for dedicated infrastructure. Our job as renowned cable contractors is to provide you with trusted connections, structured wiring and networking facilities from the best brands known in the cabling industry.

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Industries We Serve

A great network installation company caters to multiple industries that have custom requirements. With The Network Installers, you can take a sigh of relief as we cover every industry that needs a powerful and high-speed low voltage wiring network.

commercial building structured cabling installation

Commercial properties are expanding their services and setups exponentially. This unrestricted growth demands robust low voltage wiring and cable construction to meet business goals. Certified cable contractors like us are here to help you achieve maximum connectivity through commercial wiring, internet, telephone and data cabling.

office wifi installation

Running a business means keeping up with modern technology. Electrical data cabling and low voltage wiring are among the top priorities for any contemporary office setup. Advanced methods of cable construction offer greater resilience and performance for low voltage systems, saving your time and money.

warehouse network installation

Complex systems are essential to the warehousing industry. Telephones, WiFi, security, access control, computer networking and electrical data cabling are part of the intricate network required within storage facilities. Such repositories need low voltage wiring installed by certified technicians, and that’s where we come in.

manufacturing facility data cable installation

The Manufacturing industry is booming, and consequently requires quick data transfers, energy efficiency and seamless operation. With low voltage wiring, you can turn your complex infrastructure into a powerful, high-speed data network. Professionally engineered cable construction allows manufacturers to manage their systems easily and reliably.

new construction low voltage wiring installation

The massive growth of corporations has helped the construction sector evolve. New construction sites need a strong foundation for their structured cabling. As cable contractors, our qualified technicians can help by installing low voltage wiring through walls at new sites, ultimately creating a solid infrastructure.

network installation for schools

Institutes and corporate training centers are developing an enhanced learning experience. This process can speed up through efficient and seamlessly integrated low voltage wiring. Reliable cable construction and electrical data cabling are key to an effective learning system. We provide network installation for educational facilities.

structured cabling installation for hospital

With a growing database in healthcare, low voltage wiring is a prominent aspect to achieving true network connectivity. Medical facilities are in dire need of telephone service, WiFi, computer networking, security and connected devices. We specialize in powerful electrical data cabling to optimize data networks.

network installation for government buildings

Government properties and institutions heavily rely on consistent communication through secure data networks. Their priorities include foolproof electrical data cabling and low voltage wiring. The Network Installers works with Government-level organizations to bring cost-effective solutions for cable construction, helping customers accomplish business goals more efficiently.

network installation for tech companies

Technology is constantly progressing. New technology could mean a new network configuration. Whether you are looking to upgrade existing IT infrastructure or implement a brand new design for low voltage wiring, The Network Installers will be your best choice for cable construction and structured wiring.

data cabling for cannabis businesses

As one of the top-rated low voltage contractors, we serve the Cannabis industry through our extensive services in cable construction. Our goal is to make sure that growers, retailers and medical professionals are able to optimize their networks through structured cabling and low voltage systems.

Network and Phone Systems for Hospitality

When it comes to hospitality, we secure your network by offering maximum connectivity for a better customer experience. Low voltage wiring and electrical data cabling require sound knowledge and skills to implement. We will optimize your management services through dedicated structured wiring and cable installation.

structured cabling installation for retail facility

Retail businesses need intercom systems for their buildings, which use low voltage wiring to work. Vendors are also transferring from manual check-out systems to automated self-checkout which requires a dedicated Point of Sales setup. We have the solution to efficient cable construction for your stores.


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