Fiber Optic Installation

The Network Installers provides services for cabling installation, including fiber optic installation. If your business seeks high-performance data networking, then fiber optic cables were designed to accommodate you.

Fiber Optic Cable Installation Services

There are many components that make up a successful fiber optic installation. At The Network Installers, we specialize in multiple cable installation services such as fiber optic fusion splicing and fiber optic cable repair. We have certified fiber optic contractors that will ensure your business gets the reliability and speed of all kinds of internet tasks. Should your newly installed fiber optic cables get damaged in any way, our contractors can speedily repair all damages. When your business invests in fiber optic cables, you will receive higher bandwidth capacity and will become less vulnerable to electromagnetic interference. Regardless of your working environment, our skilled fiber optic engineering will guarantee appropriate integration of fiber optic cabling into new or existing buildings. The security, performance and sustainability needs of your project will be addressed by our team to meet your business requirements. We will also perform network audit services to inform you of what you currently have in your facility.

Site Assessment

Our team of fiber optic installers will conduct a site assessment to determine if your area is clean enough to make a safe installation. Factors in this assessment include air quality, surface soils, groundwater, and biological, cultural and historical resources.


We offer various fiber optic engineering services such as small cell engineering, OSP design engineering, and LiDAR (sensor-based technology) engineering. Our engineers are always on site, enduring rough weather conditions and crawling into cramped spaces to deliver a reliable and fast installation.


The quality and range of your wireless network could be greatly affected depending on the placement of fiber optic installation. After consulting with our talented team about every important detail, you will better understand what the installation process is like.

The Network Installers is the top-rated Fiber Optic Wiring Company.

The Network Installers is the fastest growing fiber optic wiring company in the state of California. It takes more than technology to achieve the best results in fiber optic installation. It takes experience, skills, and genuine commitment to customers.

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Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing

Fibers can be spliced by utilizing a fusion technique called fiber optic fusion splicing that offers a long-lasting contact between the two thermally-joined fibers. An electrical instrument is typically used that serves as an electric arc to form a thermal connection between fibers. After the fibers are fused together either plastic coating or a polyethylene jacket covers them for protection.

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Fiber Engineering

At The Network Installers, we ensure the customer’s requirements will be met when performing fiber optic installations. This is possible because of our expertise in fiber optic engineering. After assessing your land and property, we will map out a plan that will work in your best interests. Fiber optics can be scaled to fit the size of your business.

Fiber Optic Cable Repair

There is always the possibility of a fiber optic cable getting smashed, cut or damaged accidentally. Should this occur, our team will take the appropriate steps to complete a successful fiber optic cable repair. Tools that we use to identify damages and to complete repairs include an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, fiber optic cutters and strippers, and a fusion splicer.

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We are the most trusted company in the state of California in regards to fiber optic installation. Our footprint stretches across the Golden State, and our company ranks as one of fastest growing fiber providers. California currently has 15.68% fiber coverage.

san jose

San Jose

Some of the world’s most powerful tech startup companies call San Jose home, such as Sage Intact, Adobe, and eBay. Silicon Valley tech startups depend on reliable software to be successful. This is where our services in fiber optic installation, fiber optic fusion splicing, fiber optic engineering and fiber optic cable repair come into play.

los angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the financial, commercial and cultural center of Southern California. It is a city that produces high entertainment value thanks in part to the film industry. Fiber optic cable installation can be implemented to aid the development of films, along with fiber optic engineering, fiber optic cable repair, and fiber optic fusion splicing.



Oakland boasts a fledgling presence in technology. The largest East Bay city features innovative companies like Comfy, a business intelligence firm, and Mosaic, which promotes green energy integration. Should any structured cabling problems occur, our services in fiber optic cable repair, fiber optic fusion splicing, fiber optic installation and fiber optic engineering can accommodate them.

san diego

San Diego

Having an established Navy headquarters, San Diego employs some of the biggest industries including information and communications tech and action sports manufacturing. When the Navy needs to execute drills that involve technology, it would help to have services in fiber optic installation, fiber optic cable repair, fiber optic fusion splicing, and fiber optic engineering performed.


Sacramento is called the “Farm-to-Fork” Capital because it ships produce across the country. It also represents the heart of the California healthcare industry. Our services in fiber optic installation, fiber optic engineering, fiber optic fusion splicing, and fiber optic cable repair can ensure that businesses in these industries can thrive in their daily routine operations.

San Francisco golden gate bridge

San Francisco

San Francisco is home to warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and tech start-ups that provide products and services to the world. Most of these businesses utilize the internet to promote their products and advance their business. We support these sellers with fiber optic installation, fiber optic engineering, fiber optic fusion splicing, and fiber optic cable repair.

Brands We Install

Our fiber optic installers are well equipped to install all kinds of surveillance brands, depending on the preferences of your business. The brands we install include Cisco Meraki, Aruba, and Ruckus for network installation, and systems like Ubiquiti and Datto.

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Industries We Serve

Every industry we serve has a unique purpose. Businesses in these industries rely on modern, up-to-date technology to perform their daily operations. Fiber optic cable installation enables these businesses to maintain their workflow so they can turn a sufficient profit.

commercial building structured cabling installation

If you own a commercial building, you know that criminals will try to steal products and information. This could jeopardize the personal safety of your employees. We offer services in fiber optic installation and fiber optic engineering, giving you the best quality surveillance camera technologies.

office wifi installation

Office workers need a reliable cable connection to perform daily tasks. Office employees typically use both desktop computers and smartphones to do their jobs. Our services in fiber optic cable installation, fiber optic fusion splicing and fiber optic engineering can give office workers significant relief.

warehouse network installation

One challenge in running a warehouse is for workers to maintain proper communication when locating and shipping products. We understand that solid online and mobile app networks are needed to keep pace in the warehouse. Fiber optic installation and fiber optic engineering will help warehouses.

manufacturing facility data cable installation

As part of a manufacturing plant, you create products that work with the help of electrical and technological tools. If the plant’s wiring goes down, that hinders the manufacturing process. We got you covered with fiber optic cable repair and fiber optic fusion splicing services.

new construction low voltage wiring installation

When it comes to running cable through walls during the construction of a new building, safety must be the top priority. Through web demos or in-person consultations, we can highlight the advantages that come with our services in fiber optic installation and fiber optic engineering.

network installation for schools

Schools need proper cabling so that students can perform their daily tasks, such as finishing homework online or taking exams. The field of education is rapidly advancing in technology, which creates a need for wiring with fiber optic fusion splicing and fiber optic cable repair.

structured cabling installation for hospital

The healthcare industry requires the most advanced technology to provide care for patients. Hospitals require functional equipment to evaluate health conditions, issue diagnoses, and perform surgery. Our specialization in fiber optic installation, fiber optic fusion splicing and fiber optic cable repair, helps make healthcare workers’ lives easier.

network installation for government buildings

If you manage a government building, you know that important daily tasks include taking council votes, holding group conferences and protecting classified information online. Damaged cables disrupt those tasks. To prevent this, we offer services in fiber optic cable repair and fiber optic fusion splicing.

network installation for tech companies

Especially if you are based in the Silicon Valley area, you know that reliable technology services matter. Our services in fiber optic installation and fiber optic engineering will improve your online connections with your customer base. Fiber optic cable repair will keep your connections running.

data cabling for cannabis businesses

The cannabis industry’s landscape is constantly changing. Whether you grow, sell or distribute cannabis, you need a solid security plan. Safe and Sound adapts to this industry’s rules and regulations. Contact us about fiber optic installation and fiber optic engineering to protect your cannabis business.

Network and Phone Systems for Hospitality

As a hospitality facility, a hotel needs a security system to enable staff to respond to risks and threats and protect its guests. You can easily customize a security system with the help of fiber optic installation, fiber optic engineering, and fiber optic fusion splicing.

structured cabling installation for retail facility

The network cabling required for intercom systems and point of sale systems for retail stores like grocery chains must work properly. This is possible due to our services in fiber optic installation and fiber optic engineering. Self-checkout registers become your friend with fiber optic cabling.


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