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The Best Local Extreme Networks Partner

As one of the best local Extreme Networks distributors, we go above and beyond to fulfill our customers’ network installation goals. As much as it is important to have a robust and effective IT system, it is equally important to get it installed from certified professionals. We are among the top-rated Extreme Networks installers, bringing expert solutions for your business with respect to the design and development of cloud-driven networking solutions. Our team of Extreme Networks certified cable installers and Extreme Networks certified contractors can help you install a new network or repair an existing system. Our expert installation includes every detail from the engineering process to final customer training. You can trust our team to be one of the best Extreme Networks Installers who take pride in offering you the most reliable and cost-efficient installation and upgrades for your network. Install a custom made IT solution for end-to-end visibility, device monitoring, diagnostics, and intuitive configuration. Upgrade your network today!

Site Assessment

Site assessments are critical for installation. We first analyze your data network to check for inefficiencies and gaps. Our Extreme Networks certified cable installer will perform a site assessment to gain insights about existing conditions and issues prior to installation.


No matter what business you’re in, you always need a professional engineer to handle the installation of equipment and wiring. The Network Installers sends a professional Extreme Networks network engineer that deals with the technicalities and specifications for network upgrades.


When our engineers have thoroughly assessed the site and engineered the design of your network, we move to the final phase - installation. The Network Installers’ Extreme Networks certified contractors provide you with a reliable, convenient and cost-effective Extreme Networks setup.

The Network Installers is the top-rated Extreme Networks Partner.

We have an expert team of network technicians who put in their expertise to get the job done. For this reason, we pride ourselves on being the top-rated Extreme Networks partner. Call us today for a network installation or upgrade.

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Extreme Networks Certified Cable Installer

If you need a high-performing Extreme Networks setup for your business, The Network Installers has you covered. Our guaranteed service involves an Extreme Networks certified cable installer that uses standardized techniques. This ensures acceptable cabling performance, making complex cabling easier to deploy and manage. We ensure that cables run through a secure path to keep accidents from happening at work.

network cable installation
extreme networks wireless access point

Extreme Networks Wireless Network Installation

Since wireless installation can be more complex, The Network Installers are fully prepared to handle it for you. Our Extreme Networks wireless network installation tackles and eliminates factors such as transmission inefficiencies and security or low-quality materials that can significantly reduce the strength of wireless signals. We make sure to do everything needed to provide a fast and reliable connection.

Extreme Networks Distributors

The Network Installers is one of the best local Extreme Networks distributors. We have professionals to assess the requirements of your IT network and install or upgrade your system. As a trusted Extreme Networks partner, we deal with wired and wireless Extreme Networks solutions, ensuring reliability, performance and cost-effectiveness. The Network Installers is the top choice for IT network infrastructure.

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We offer our services at several locations where you can easily reach out to us. For a robust setup at your location, we send over an Extreme Networks certified network engineer to assess the site before an installation or repair.

san jose

San Jose

There is a growing need for networking companies across the city of San Jose. The Network Installers has expanded its services as one of the top Extreme Networks distributors in the city. We understand the importance of simplified, scalable networking for your enterprise and can install or repair cloud-managed networks for you. Contact us today!

los angeles

Los Angeles

As one of the leading Extreme Networks Distributors, The Network Installers has extended their installation and repair service to cover businesses in Los Angeles. The region is highly known for innovations and emerging enterprises. It is one of the busiest cities for networking. The Network Installers proudly bring you a reliable, cost-effective and professional installation.



Our Extreme Networks certified contractors are proud to offer installation and upgrade services across Oakland. The Network Installers understands the increasing demand for uninterrupted communication and evolving needs of clients. Our Extreme Networks installers are more than happy to serve your business with the skills and competency for exceptional service. Upgrade your cloud network today.

san diego

San Diego

San Diego is home to many corporate buildings and business facilities that need improved networking. Our Extreme Networks installers have successfully delivered top-notch services to the people of San Diego for upgrades and installation. We take pride in our professional installation as well as helping customers achieve robust business network performance. Connect with us today!


Sacramento is one of the major cities in terms of IT networks. With time, the number of industries and organizations has rapidly increased leading to the call for maximum network connectivity. We are an Extreme Networks Certified cable installer that brings you top-notch installation and repair for Extreme Network cloud-managed setups to enhance your communications.

San Francisco golden gate bridge

San Francisco

Another location that we cover with our services is San Francisco. It is our commitment to offer convenient and efficient Extreme Networks installation for businesses. Keeping in view the unique networking requirements of companies, we guarantee high-performing systems for an enhanced user experience. We provide installations for wired as well as wireless Extreme Networks solutions.

Extreme Networks Installation Checklist

Extreme Networks Installation Checklist

Extreme Networks installation checklist If you need a network system upgrade, repair or want to install a new system, you can rely on us. Our certified team can install new networks or upgrade existing network solutions. We offer end-to-end installation and universal platforms that combine cloud management with next-generation access points. Your Extreme Networks installation checklist is complete when you’ve got The Network Installers.

Industries We Serve

As an Extreme Networks Distributor, we cater to several industries for optimizing connectivity and communications. Your solutions for installation and repair are a phone call away. If your business falls within these industries, contact us today for an optimized network.

commercial building structured cabling installation

The Network Installers provides reliable installation services within the commercial sector for network efficiency. Commercial industries need maximum connectivity and cloud-managed solutions. If you want to install an Extreme Networks system or want to upgrade or repair the existing setup, we are here for you. 

office wifi installation

Offices require modernized and high-quality network solutions that we are proud to offer you. We understand the vital need for a robust network system in office environments. Our Extreme Networks installers and Extreme Networks certified contractors provide installation services to enhance your business performance. 

warehouse network installation

Our solutions include cloud-driven networking that offers unified network management. It’s the best solution for end-to-end visibility in your warehouse. A simplified modern touch to your warehouse will help you optimize communications. As an Extreme Networks distributor, we provide reliability for consistent communication and access. 

manufacturing facility data cable installation

In manufacturing, it is crucial to have access to your network anytime from anywhere. Extreme Networks provide greater network visibility to deliver secure, faster, software-driven solutions. The Network Installers takes pride in having Extreme Networks certified contractors who offer innovative installation and upgrades for manufacturers. 

new construction low voltage wiring installation

Construction projects require a dedicated network infrastructure for optimized connectivity. If you want to install cabling and Wi-Fi for a new building, get in touch with The Network Installers, the best local Extreme Networks distributors. Our professionally trained installers deliver top-notch service with guaranteed reliability. 

network installation for schools

For a smart networking solution in schools, an Extreme Networks certified cable installer is your top choice. Schools rely on integrated technology as a key driver in learning and engagement. Secure wired and wireless network infrastructure supports productive learning. Upgrade your network with cloud-based management today. 

structured cabling installation for hospital

In addition to other industries, we have a special focus on healthcare. Reliable networking solutions and secure Wi-Fi are critical for patients, physicians, and hospital staff. Healthcare requires optimized medical practices for safe and improved healthcare. Contact us for an Extreme Networks installation or upgrade. 

network installation for government buildings

What’s more important to the government than secure networking, speed and operational efficiency? End-to-end encryptions are vital to  any network that a government uses. We install Extreme Networks for government institutions that need reliable and flexible infrastructure so they can manage complex networks with confidence.

network installation for tech companies

As the top Extreme Networks certified contractors, we provide easy-to-use, distributed and scalable networking solutions for businesses in technology. Our reliable network installations help IT companies improve performance. Get secure and agile solutions for a powerful IT network to improve agility and drive digital transformation.

data cabling for cannabis businesses

Improved network performance is critical for advancements in the Cannabis industry. Better connectivity helps in logistics, monitoring, management and retail. As an Extreme Networks certified cable installer, we ensure a secure and reliable network infrastructure that protects your business from breaches, down time and losses. 

Network and Phone Systems for Hospitality

Maximum connectivity leads to exceptional services. Hotels and resorts rely on uninterrupted communication to maintain high standards of service with innovations such as easier payments, online portals, wireless locks and other forms of technology. Your optimized Extreme Networks installation provides an unmatched experience for guests.

structured cabling installation for retail facility

Retail facilities have rapidly evolved by integrating their IT systems with modern technology. Innovations in retail need a reliable connection for improved network performance. As Extreme Networks installers, we offer network installation and upgrade for retail facilities to help them balance business and consumer needs.


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