Structured Cabling Services & Solutions

When it comes to business, speed and structured cabling installation help operations run smoothly. Structured cabling services give you greater efficiency with voice, data, audio, and video signals for your network.

Structured Wiring System Installer

Technological solutions such as a structured wiring system and telecommunications construction are the foundation of a reliable IT infrastructure. An integral part of modern networking, the design of structured cabling systems helps to scale toward growth and development. These solutions allow for greater speed, easier troubleshooting, improved connectivity, and long-lasting equipment. Customers can upgrade their existing setup by rewiring and reorganizing their network cabling from certified telecommunications cabling contractors like The Network Installers. From data and voice cabling to fiber optics and cable project management to repair, we are qualified structured cabling vendors who can provide you with a seamless end-to-end data center design for maximum connectivity—a professionally engineered cable network results in improved performance. Panel and cable distribution become more organized, ultimately helping you maximize your office space. Instead of a cluttered network, customers can ensure a smooth and organized data-cabling infrastructure that will take your company toward growth and success.

Site Assessment

As part of our unparalleled cabling services, we provide consulting services at your location. Our engineers, technicians, and structured cabling installers work together to find gaps, replace existing cabling with a structured wiring system, or conduct new construction to fit your needs.


Our installers and highly qualified engineers are trained to carefully implement your cabling system design. We provide state-of-the-art structured cabling installations after surveying the existing network and your organization's needs.


The Network Installers is a global leader who knows best about structured cabling installations. We are among your area's most reliable and certified structured cabling vendors, with extensive experience in data and voice cabling, low-voltage cabling, backbone cabling, fiber optic installation, and solutions.

The Network Installers is the top-rated Structured Cabling Company.

Structured cabling installation is the backbone of business telecommunications, providing connectivity for data networks, computers, hardware, audio/visual equipment, and more. As a reputable structured cabling company, The Network Installers is your go-to brand for a dedicated cabling infrastructure.

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Communications Cabling Service Contractors

No matter your industry, you need reliable telecommunications cabling contractors for professional cabling solutions. Network wiring requires technical expertise and knowledge of structured cabling installation, and The Network Installers know how to do it best. Creating a physical link between source and terminal equipment and data communication cabling allows for flexibility and speed in running multiple applications.

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Efficient System Design

An efficient, structured cabling system design is essential to companies and businesses in today’s digital world. It provides fast, free-from-external interference data transmission while adhering to the use of quality materials. Robust cabling and consulting services are key to achieving a cost-effective, high-speed data network.

Experienced Technicians

With certified and experienced field technicians in-house, The Network Installers will provide you with quality structured wiring and network solutions. As structured cabling vendors, we have years of industry experience in network and structured cabling for offices, residences, commercial properties, and industrial complexes. We provide the best communication technology services for your structured cabling infrastructure. Connect with us today!

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Our network installation services span several locations, adding value, trust, and experience to our cabling solutions. We are known for providing coaxial, fiber optic, Cat5e, and Cat6 data cable installation, helping you achieve maximum connectivity for your business.

san jose

San Jose

Businesses, organizations, and commercial properties in San Jose can rely on The Network Installers for their structured wiring system installation and upgrades. As trusted telecommunications cabling contractors, we provide cabling system design and implementation for enterprise-level corporations in San Jose, ensuring dedicated connectivity and wired systems to help scale your business.

los angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a bustling city where the commercial sector and corporate locations require enhanced structured cabling system design to run their businesses. As one of the top-rated telecommunications cabling contractors, we can provide a structured connection that fits the needs of various organizations, allowing them to upgrade their existing connections and maximize office space.



Our expertise in structured cabling system design reaches Oakland and the many start-ups, businesses, and commercial locations in this city. We are certified communications cabling contractors with solid experience and understand the need for powerful data cabling that offers quality, reliability, connectivity, and support.

san diego

San Diego

If you're running a business or commercial location in San Diego, we've got news for you! We offer our structured services to small and large businesses in this city. We are cabling contractors with high experience and skills in structured cabling system design for both commercial and enterprise-level corporations.


In recent years, organizations and businesses in Sacramento have become more reliant on dedicated structured services for better connectivity. With the increasing need for uninterrupted internet access through cabling contractors, a structured cabling system design can help connect devices, networks, audio/visual equipment, and WiFi to provide seamless data transmission and security service.

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San Francisco

Organizations and offices in San Francisco can avail of our professional data-cabling solutions. After a thorough site risk assessment, we develop a structured wiring system based on your network requirements and deliver a structured cabling system design for your business. Achieve maximum connectivity and security with one of the renowned cabling contractors in your area!

Brands We Install

To provide you with quality service and support, we take pride in the brands we install, ensuring custom projects meet your needs. As one of the best structured cabling companies and verified providers of cabling solutions, we follow structured cabling standards for a robust network and data centers.

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Industries We Serve

We know that different industries have their specific network cabling requirements. Our engineers, technicians, and installers provide exceptional support and services to several industries, implementing a secure, structured wiring system for company growth, optimization, and success.

commercial building structured cabling installation

Cabling solutions are essential for modern businesses and companies. Reliable construction and a powerful, structured wiring system help commercial industries grow, provide service, and improve customer experience. These technologies provide dedicated cabling for commercial locations so customers can work efficiently.

office wifi installation

High-quality cabling installation is critical for offices and corporate locations. A structured wiring system built according to product specifications and construction can enhance connectivity and flexibility for businesses. As trusted cabling contractors, we design and implement low-voltage and structured solutions.

warehouse network installation

A structured wiring system supports a warehouse’s network and construction. Through cabling solutions, storage facilities can implement an organized, cost-effective project management for communication. Such systems support telephone networks, WiFi, audio/visual equipment, and computer networking to provide unhindered connectivity.

manufacturing facility data cable installation

Manufacturing industries require a structured cabling system design to support company growth, scalability, and flexibility. A structured wiring system allows manufacturers to run multiple applications while benefiting from organized cabling and construction. This eliminates problems through separate wiring infrastructures that are in place for easy identification.

new construction low voltage wiring installation

We understand that a new building requires a solid structured wiring system during construction. Our installers are highly skilled in network construction and will cover the entire area, implementing a structured cabling system design to suit the network requirements of the newly built property.

network installation for schools

As structured cabling vendors, we design and implement advanced cabling solutions for educational facilities like schools, colleges, and institutions. These technological services support video and data requirements for modern applications in the education sector. Network construction is one of our specialties.

structured cabling installation for hospital

Healthcare depends on dedicated cabling solutions and communications construction. The medical industry requires speed, flexibility, and scalability to process and transmit data faster and support its growing customer base. Our structured cabling system design makes all of this possible.

network installation for government buildings

With billions on their shoulders, government facilities require high bandwidth, command and control, integrated outdoor environments, and reliable military bases—these call for cabling infrastructure and construction. We provide a structured wiring system to optimize their data centers.

network installation for tech companies

Understanding the industry’s needs, we are structured cabling vendors with an eye for quality, efficiency, and support. Our structured wiring system and IT construction services help the industry align with modern applications and networking. Contact us today for a free consultation.

data cabling for cannabis businesses

Constantly evolving and developing, the cannabis industry is in dire need of enhanced structured solutions. Through robust IT construction, data cabling, and network wiring, cannabis growers, manufacturers, and storage facilities can experience a world-class structured wiring system to fit their cabling needs.

Network and Phone Systems for Hospitality

Due to the increase in tourism and travel, a powerful structured wiring system propels this industry forward. Structured cabling solutions help businesses through audio and video applications, telephone networks, data cabling, WiFi, and computer networking—all possible with IT cabling contractors like us!

structured cabling installation for retail facility

A superior point-of-sales system is a valuable investment in retail. Structured cabling solutions allow retailers to implement intercom and point of sales for customers. Modern self-checkout has increased this demand. Structured cabling vendors like us can help fulfill these requirements with top-notch skills and knowledge.

Future Trends & Predictions in Structured Cabling

Integration with Smart Technologies

As smart buildings and IoT (Internet of Things) devices become more prevalent, structured cabling systems will likely evolve to integrate these technologies better. It could involve more advanced cable management solutions that connect a wide range of smart devices seamlessly.

Increased Demand for Fiber Optics

The need for higher bandwidth and faster data transmission is ever-growing. Fiber optic cabling will likely become more dominant in structured cabling, replacing traditional copper cables in many applications.

5G and Wireless Integration

With the rollout of 5G networks, structured cabling systems must adapt to support wired and wireless communications effectively. It might involve developing new types of cabling or infrastructure to ensure optimal performance of 5G technologies.

Enhanced Security Features

As cyber threats evolve, so must the security systems of structured cabling systems. Future trends include advanced encryption methods to protect data integrity that can be useful for the next generation.

Repair & Maintenance 

We provide professional repair and maintenance services for cabling systems to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Our team of experts conducts thorough diagnostics and troubleshooting to promptly identify and resolve any issues with your cabling infrastructure.  Additionally, we offer proactive services to prevent potential problems, including cable inspections, testing, and documentation updates. With our dedication to quality service, customers can trust us to keep your cabling system operating smoothly and efficiently.


What is structured cabling? 

Structured cabling is a standardized system of wiring and components used to support data, voice, and communication. It provides a well-organized infrastructure for network connectivity.

Why is structured cabling important?

Structured cabling is essential for efficient and reliable communication in modern businesses. It simplifies network project management, reduces downtime, and allows for easy scalability to keep business users connected.

Our team can upgrade your structured cabling infrastructure to elevate your server room, equipment room, and telecommunications room with competitive pricing.

What are the six elements of structured cabling?

  1. Cable: Structured cabling comprises four twisted-pair cables, coaxial cables, fiber optic, and patch cables.
  2. Connectors: Connectors are the hardware pieces used to link various cable types.
  3. Patch Panels: Patch panels facilitate cable connections. Unlike other panels, patch panels serve as a central point for network access.
  4. Patch Cables: Patch cords attach different cable types within a network.
  5. Work Area Outlets: Work area outlets establish a connection point between the cabling system and the user’s equipment.
  6. Network Interface Cards (NICs): Network Interface Cards connect a computer to a network.

What services are included in structured cabling?

Structured cabling offers consulting services, cable installation (e.g., copper and fiber optic cables), termination and testing, patch panel and rack installation, cable management, and documentation. 

Some providers may also offer services like project management, network audits, and upgrades. 

What are the benefits of structured cabling over traditional point-to-point cabling?

Structured cabling offers several advantages over traditional point-to-point cabling, including easier scalability, better organization and project management, simplified troubleshooting, and support for multiple applications and technologies. 

It also reduces clutter, improves airflow, and allows more efficient space use within the network infrastructure.

How long does a structured cabling installation take?

A typical installation takes six days to two weeks to complete, with larger projects requiring months of planning and implementation.

The duration of a structured cabling installation varies depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the project, existing infrastructure conditions, and scheduling constraints.


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