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As one of the top Panduit distributors and Panduit certified contractors, we offer strategic solutions for network infrastructure and industrial wiring. Our proficient installation guarantees smart and scalable solutions for your business, delivering optimized performance and connectivity. Your enterprise network relies on seamless connectivity and integrated solutions for the best results. With our reliable team of Panduit installers, you can achieve robust business capacity. We are a trusted Panduit certified cable installer and also provide upgrade and repair for existing networks. From data centers to production lines, we bring you end-to-end network infrastructure in the form of industrial construction and enterprise solutions. These services help simplify network deployment, ultimately giving you dedicated IT and OT architecture. Power and protect your data center with integrated copper systems, fiber optic systems, power distribution units, cable management and AV over IP solutions. Panduit solutions help in wire and cable routing and termination as well as grounding equipment and providing easy maintenance and safety

Site Assessment

Your enterprise deserves attention from a Panduit certified cable installer. The Network Installers will carry out a site assessment to confirm the needs and specifics of your site. This is an important step towards implementing a complete electrical network infrastructure.


Enhancing your business communication is essential, and we understand that. Our professional Panduit network engineers will ensure that your installation goes smoothly. You can relax and let them do the work as your workplace will finally have its much-needed upgrade.


With our certified Panduit installation, you can get high quality connectivity to stay ahead of the competition. As Panduit certified contractors, we deliver a professional and reliable service that’s efficient, effective and scalable. Contact us today for a seamless installation.

The Network Installers is the top-rated Panduit Partner.

Our industry-leading solutions, enterprise-grade quality and team of certified experts make The Network Installers a trusted and top-notch service provider. We are a Panduit partner willing to retrofit your site with lasting connectivity. Contact us now for your perfect setup.

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Panduit Certified Cable Installer

A Panduit certified cable installer such as us is ready to provide top-of-the-line equipment and ensure consistent connectivity. Networking in your workplace is a requirement that we believe we can fulfill. With expertise that ensures high performance, a Panduit solution will give you unbeatable productivity to help upscale your business. Contact us now for a chance to optimize your network.

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Panduit Network Cables Installation

Corporations and commercial buildings require fast and reliable wireless networks. With the increasing demands for wireless connectivity, we understand your need for a high-performing Panduit wireless network installation. We believe in a truly immersive experience and also offer a combination of wired and wireless networks. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge electrical and network infrastructure solutions for enterprise-grade data centers.

Panduit Distributors

We take pride in being one of the top-rated Panduit distributors. As authorized Panduit partners, we serve our clients with unbeatable industrial and electrical wiring solutions for maximum connectivity. With our services, businesses can converge and optimize their communications, security, control and computing to create a unified network. Increase your business sustainability and agility while lowering costs and mitigating risks.

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From businesses that have nationwide coverage to small-scale businesses, Cisco Meraki partners and Installers have your network installation needs covered. Wherever your location may be, from Northern California to Southern California, we will do our best to solve your network installation needs.

san jose

San Jose

As businesses and their services expand, an enhanced network experience is just as necessary as any facet of operations. With scalable setups by Panduit certified contractors, companies in San Jose can keep their in-house interconnectivity up and have the infrastructure they need to sustain their commercial activity. Connect with us now for your upgraded workflow!

los angeles

Los Angeles

One of the major hubs for industrialization and commercial services, Los Angeles encapsulates an environment where connectivity remains an essential aspect of a business' infrastructure. Stability is a trait in high demand, which coupled with proficient cabling and wireless services goes a long way. Panduit certified contractors can prepare you for powering through the industry.



As a Panduit certified cable installer with vast experience and knowledge in cabling, we help businesses in Oakland get the right fix for their data centers. We proudly offer our experienced services to ensure reliable and futureproof cabling for businesses. Contact us today and our engineers will provide top-tier quality services for your connectivity requirements.

san diego

San Diego

With more demand for optimized communication and high rates required for data transfer, San Diego is an area where upsizing is frequent and consistent within organizations. The highest quality wiring services combined with professional installation through The Network Installers is a choice that puts you in charge of your business. Maximize connectivity with Panduit networks.


Sacramento is crowded with various businesses, many having a thriving commerce and industrialization at a deeply rooted level. Within such a vibrant city, one can imagine the need for seamless connectivity. Companies require high-grade technologies to beat the competition and provide exceptional communications and service. Our Panduit installers will certainly add value to your enterprise.

San Francisco golden gate bridge

San Francisco

Commercial activity remains high in San Francisco, where businesses continuously undergo expansion to scale their enterprises. Organizations are on the lookout for network communication to be up to speed relative to the industry. What Panduit distributors like us provide gives you momentum that puts you at the front of the race. Connect with us today!

Panduit Installation Checklist

Panduit Installation Checklist

If you’re looking for a Panduit installation checklist, The Network Installers has got you covered. Our services include end-to-end network solutions from a range of Panduit products, software and systems. You can power your IT setup with a high level of reliability and safety. Panduit’s innovative solutions include power distribution units, copper wiring, fiber optic cabling systems and automated tooling.

Industries We Serve

With our skills and expertise, we are an established and trusted Panduit partner. Our portfolio includes enterprise-grade wired and wireless IT network deployment. We facilitate many growing industries, offering Panduit installation and repair to the following sectors in the market.

commercial building structured cabling installation

The commercial industry carries out mass production to sell as many products as possible to their consumers. So it goes without saying that efficiency and speed are something they need. The Network Installers is a go-to provider for business communication within the active commercial sector.

office wifi installation

Offices have communication at the core of their workflow, and high-speed Internet connectivity is essential. Old and damaged networks can crash down on interconnected systems heavily. And that is where we step in as Panduit distributors to ensure a stable connection flows through office networks.

warehouse network installation

The warehouse sector plays a crucial role in the circulation of goods, where you can imagine the increasing demand for high-speed communication. And where communication falls short, so do network capabilities. Engineered IT networking by Panduit certified cable installers ensures enhanced warehouse connectivity for performance. 

manufacturing facility data cable installation

The manufacturing sector produces goods by processing raw materials mainly at an industrial level, primarily purpose-built products. Cost-effective manufacturing requires increased interactions within and between companies. The Network Installers delivers top-performing technology to ensure companies can communicate with pace and efficiency, accelerating their business goals.

new construction low voltage wiring installation

When constructing a new building for commercial or industrial purposes, an upgraded network system is an essential part of planning. Projects like new construction require enormous wired and wireless capacity for effective IT solutions. We offer professional Panduit network and electrical cabling for the industry.

network installation for schools

The education sector is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. With new technologies introduced over time, information needs to travel faster and more securely. IT solutions in educational institutes should provide full coverage, and Panduit installers like us have you covered.

structured cabling installation for hospital

An industry that is undoubtedly vital and rapidly evolving is the healthcare sector. Hospitals and medical facilities require technology that can help treat, diagnose and monitor various health conditions. Healthcare relies on networking improvements for connecting devices, systems, applications and cabling that optimize medical practice.

network installation for government buildings

Government institutions offer mass media and security services. Their projects serve a range of locations. Providing robust infrastructure to the government industry can increase IT networking and boost economic activity. We are Panduit installers that help this sector maximize data center connectivity and IT networks.

network installation for tech companies

At the core of successful tech companies lies robust networking infrastructure, and a lasting IT setup is essential to these businesses. Top-tier IT solutions are necessary for businesses that are major contributors to technological advancements. This makes a Panduit distributor vital to the tech industry.

data cabling for cannabis businesses

Companies cultivating and growing cannabis require smart infrastructure solutions. To bring the cannabis industry at par with high-end IT technology, Panduit certified contractors like us help optimize wireless connectivity for cloud-based applications, real-time security and remote monitoring of the overall environment. Connect with us today!

Network and Phone Systems for Hospitality

The hospitality sector has undergone major digitalization, requiring network solutions to monitor metrics such as guest data and high-end security. The workload heavily relies on WiFi so mobile apps help process reservations and bookings. The Network Installers provides Panduit’s innovative technology for businesses in hospitality.

structured cabling installation for retail facility

Reliable connectivity has a lasting impact on the performance of retail businesses. With optimized networks, the retail industry can enhance inventory management, point of sales systems and customer experience. As a Panduit certified cable installer, we guarantee cost-effective Panduit installation and repair for your business.


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