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With a focus on seamless integration, reliability, and performance, we ensure your Ubiquiti network is optimized for maximum efficiency and connectivity.

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The Best Local Ubiquiti Installation Services

Investing in the future of your business means integrating modern tools and technology, such as a Ubiquiti Wi-Fi installation. With UniFi, you can customize your IT operations to meet the growing demands of your business. As a simplified IT solution, a multi-application network operating system like UniFi applications is the only thing standing between you and your business growth. The Network Installers is a certified Ubiquiti installer and Ubiquiti-authorized reseller. We go above and beyond to ensure you receive only the best UniFi installer service for your IT requirements. We have the skills required for Ubiquiti products and upgrades to bring you a powerful ecosystem of routers, switches, security cameras, and wireless access points. Transform your data network infrastructure into a robust IT system with sleek design, high performance, advanced security, and great value. Easily connect all your wireless devices with strategically placed access points. For a seamless UNMS Ubiquiti install, get in touch with us today!

Site Assessment

Before setting up your Ubiquiti Wi-Fi, our top priority is performing a complete assessment and analysis of your site and business environment. UniFi systems are customizable, and as a Ubiquiti installer, we help you find the right solution for your business.


Our certified team consists of professionally trained installers who deliver a unique wireless solution. The Network Installers, a verified and trusted installer of Ubiquiti, can engineer a seamless Unifi network or upgrade your existing solution for optimized performance and enhanced security.


Once a site assessment is complete, our job is to ensure you are provided with Ubiquiti-certified installers who implement and install your unique UniFi solution on your site. Contact us today for a customized business network solution.

The Network Installers is the top-rated Ubiquiti Dealer

With years of experience in network installations and equipment, The Network Installers is a top-rated Ubiquiti dealer that can deliver quality devices and service. We pride ourselves in being able to achieve customer success and high standards.

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Google Reviews

Ubiquiti Reseller

We understand the importance of a truly innovative wireless IT Unifi network. As a top-notch Ubiquiti reseller, we aim to engineer the perfect UniFi solution for your business. Our enterprise-level wireless systems pack a punch with easy installations, high performance, faster troubleshooting, scalability, reliability, and value. The Network Installers is your top choice for wired and wireless IT solutions.

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ubiquiti wireless access point

Wifi Set Up

As a certified Ubiquiti Wi-Fi installation company, we guarantee your place at the forefront of evolving business technologies. Our installers are experts in Ubiquiti UAP AC lite installation, giving users a boost in wireless networks solutions. The UniFi ac lite access point is a scalable enterprise solution that combines easy deployment and management, high speeds and a modern design.

Secure Connection

Today’s digital era calls for secure and reliable connectivity to easily conduct business. We offer top-notch UniFi installer services to meet the demands of maximum connectivity for powerful networks. UniFi Wi-Fi offers flexibility and customization options, making the Wi-Fi solutions for users unbeatable. High-speed connectivity is only a click away with simple configuration, easy deployment, and enhanced signal strength.

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Repairing a Fiber Optic

Repair & Maintenance Services

With our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, we ensure that your Ubiquiti devices are always functioning optimally. Our services include troubleshooting, diagnosing issues, repairing or replacing faulty components, and conducting preventive maintenance to prevent future problems.


How long does it take to complete a network installation?

Network installations by Ubiquiti installers typically range from a few hours for smaller setups to a day or two for larger, more complex projects, depending on the scope and requirements.

Unifi products are user-friendly but require expert installers for their critical setup.

What is the cost associated with hiring a Ubiquiti installer?

Our company offers competitive pricing for Ubiquiti UniFi Protect installation services tailored to your needs. 

Whether you require installation for a small office, a large corporate campus, or a residential property, we provide transparent pricing to ensure you receive the best value for your investment.


Our UniFi installer services are spread across major cities. We take great pride in delivering outstanding performance systems and personalized IT networks for our customers at several strategic locations. Install or upgrade your UniFi network today!

san jose

San Jose

Businesses, start-ups, residences, and organizations in San Jose can avail of our expert Ubiquiti networks installation services for planning, upgrading, maintaining, deploying, and debugging Ubiquiti Wi-Fi systems. As a certified Ubiquiti installer, our Wi-Fi solutions are capable of high speeds, enhanced performance, greater coverage, and secure connectivity, giving you a competitive edge in the industry.

los angeles

Los Angeles

A powerful communications infrastructure can propel businesses toward a better future. We understand the need for maximum connectivity in today's digital world. Corporations in Los Angeles can avail of our Ubiquiti services that deliver end-to-end scalable solutions for IT environments. We offer fast and cost-effective Ubiquiti installation services for an enhanced networking experience.



As a major port city in California, Oakland is home to dozens of industries that rely on efficient communications. We proudly serve the communities in Oakland, delivering enterprise-grade installations and upgrades for Ubiquiti wireless access points, managed switches, security gateways, and VoIP phone systems. As a certified UniFi installer, we ensure network efficiency.

san diego

San Diego

Are you looking for a trusted Ubiquiti installer in San Diego? The Network Installers has got you covered. With decades of experience and thousands of happy customers, we guarantee a Ubiquiti network solution to meet the growing demands of businesses irrespective of the industry. Contact us for a new installation or existing network upgrade.


Work environments like Sacramento are eager to develop IT networks and adopt modern wireless connectivity for upbeat performance. The Network Installers is a certified Ubiquiti installer based in Sacramento that offers reliable, convenient, and top-notch wireless solutions for networking. We can install a custom solution or upgrade your existing IT network.

San Francisco golden gate bridge

San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the major technology centers in the world. Data communications and network infrastructure requirements are in high demand, making fast and reliable service the top choice for businesses. We are a certified UniFi installer with proven experience and best-in-class solutions to offer excellent service in multi-application Ubiquiti network and UniFi Protect for your business.

Ubiquiti UniFi Access Devices

Set up Ubiquiti UniFi Access Devices

Through years of experience and gaining industry knowledge, we are confident in our promise to bring exceptional services and standards to our clients. We want you to understand and scrutinize our process from design to implementation and testing. Set up your own Ubiquiti UniFi today. 

Industries We Serve

When it comes to Ubiquiti Wi-Fi installation, we serve a variety of industries. Our team of professionally trained installers and technicians work to ensure a practical, reliable, and efficient solution for maximum performance. Get in touch today for a free consultation.

commercial building structured cabling installation

The commercial industry is thriving. That means more and more businesses are shifting their focus toward online systems and integration. Ubiquiti certified installers can help you create a modern networking solution that caters to the growing demands of commercial facilities. Book a free consultation today.

office wifi installation

If you’re looking for reliable and cost-effective Ubiquiti WiFi installation for your office, you’re in good hands. The Network Installers is among top-rated Ubiquiti certified installers, offering everything you need under one roof. We are network installation experts with proven experience in office networking systems.

warehouse network installation

As a reliable and efficient solution for warehouse access points, a Ubiquiti access point install is your top priority. We bring you affordable and easy-to-deploy solutions for your networking facilities. A dedicated Ubiquiti WiFi installation can turn your warehouse communications into a powerful performance network.

manufacturing facility data cable installation

Businesses in the manufacturing industry are keen on upgrading their IT systems to suit the rising demands of enhanced communications infrastructure. We are Ubiquiti certified installers with a proven track record in helping manufacturers upgrade their networks for maximum connectivity, high speeds and reliable performance.

new construction low voltage wiring installation

When you’ve got a new building under construction, a high-performing data network is critical before the site is populated. With a UNMS Ubiquiti install, say goodbye to bad coverage and poor connectivity. Contact us today for easy installation, faster troubleshooting, simplified debugging and robust performance.

network installation for schools

Education systems are evolving to adapt to modern standards of teaching. As Ubiquiti certified installers, The Network Installers can transform your existing IT setup into a modernized data center, incorporating everything you need from wireless access points, routers, switches, security gateways, VoIP phones and cameras.

structured cabling installation for hospital

An industry that can truly benefit from an optimized network is healthcare. We know the value this industry brings globally. It’s critical for medical facilities to integrate modern technology for increased productivity. Ubiquiti WiFi installation can help improve data communications within hospitals and healthcare centers.

network installation for government buildings

Government-level organizations look for enhancements within communications. Considering the security protocols and measures taken by such institutions, an effective Ubiquiti WiFi installation is an absolute necessity. A UNMS Ubiquiti install can power existing networks to deliver centralized management, efficient reporting and an overall simplified network.

network installation for tech companies

If you’re in the technology industry, you cannot compromise on network efficiencies. Staying updated with the latest trends in wireless connectivity and infrastructure is vital for future growth. As Ubiquiti certified installers, we guarantee improved performance for your IT network through our Ubiquiti WiFi installation.

data cabling for cannabis businesses

Security measures and network improvements are important for the cannabis industry today. With more devices being installed and high demand for reliable connectivity, a Ubiquiti access point install is value for money. Amplify your network experience through Ubiquiti WiFi installation from Ubiquiti certified installers today.

Network and Phone Systems for Hospitality

In the hospitality sector, it’s increasingly important to ensure unhindered connectivity for users. Be it hotel staff, managers or guests, you need a network that suits the growing demands of technology. With a UNMS Ubiquiti install, you have a centralized management system for top-notch performance.

structured cabling installation for retail facility

Retail has seen a significant increase in digital innovation for an enhanced shopping experience. When you’ve got customers, you want to make sure their time is valued. A Ubiquiti WiFi installation from Ubiquiti certified installers is sure to bring in revenue for your retail business.


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