Network Installation for Schools

The Network Installers provides professional network cabling for academic institutions. Are you in charge of IT for your institution? Call our office or fill out a form below to get network installation for your school.

Network Cabling and Wifi for Schools

Learning centers normally have a dedicated area for teaching computers to their students. In addition, schools need a data network that can bring together various sources of information in one place. To set up data cabling for Management and students, schools rely on contractors such as The Network Installers. The Network Installers creates data network cabling for schools to use with their online libraries. Our cabling service is also enhanced by installing wireless networks that provide the latest wifi technology. Having a professional data network and fiber optic cabling allows you to have multiple users without slowing internet speeds. Our cabling system is used for high-speed internet with the latest networking standards. We provide reliable data cabling installation for schools as well as low voltage cabling installation. If you’re looking for a respected data cabling contractor in your area, call The Network Installers. We have excellent wifi installation for schools. Contact us today to get quality cabling installation for your learning center.

Site Assessment

The Network Installers will send our team to conduct an assessment of your school and recommend the best solutions for data cabling. Are you looking to install data cabling for schools? Call us to get professional data cabling contractors.


Some of the equipment in your school's network is designed to work on low voltage. To help you get set up, our engineers will supply low voltage cabling installation for your school. Our experts will provide the necessary network infrastructure.


Does your school data cabling need upgrading? If yes, we will send a team of technicians to inspect and install the cabling. Our services include network installation for schools and other learning facilities. Contact us to replace faulty data cabling.

The Network Installers is the top-rated Fiber Optic Cabling Company for Schools

Schools rely on commercial-grade data networks for communication, management, and teaching. Consider hiring a respected contractor that provides network installation services for schools, colleges, and universities. Our company is a recognized networking contractor with branches in all the major cities across California.

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Google Reviews

Data Cabling for Schools

Data cabling services are meant to establish a communication network that allows access to a local network as well as the internet. When installing data cabling for schools, our company uses distinguished networking brands. To learn more about how to upgrade your existing network cabling, contact The Network Installers. After years of operations, we have extensive knowledge of commercial data systems.

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Wireless Network for Schools

Does your school provide reliable wifi for teaching? If not, we can install the technology to give your students and faculty access to the web. The Network Installers is a respected contractor that installs wireless networks for schools. Learn about how using premium wifi enhances teaching by improving access to information. We specialize in offering network cabling and wifi.

Fiber Optic Cabling for Schools

Learning institutions can have hundreds of network users logged in simultaneously. To make sure that everybody can access the network without exhausting bandwidth, always use fiber optic cables. Our company installs the fastest fiber optic cabling for schools. Invest in high-speed internet for your learning facility. Our team will provide details on how to install fiber optic cabling for your school.

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We provide network installation service for schools. The Network Installers has a branch in almost every major city from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Do you manage a school that doesn’t have the latest data cabling? Contact The Network Installers.

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San Jose

The Network Installers is a contractor of data cables for schools in San Jose. We also install wireless networks in addition to our network cabling service. Reach out to our company reps to install quality data cabling and wireless networks for schools. We have excellent reviews from our clients in Silicon Valley.

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Los Angeles

The Network Installers is the fastest growing provider of data cabling and wireless networks for schools in Los Angeles. We install accredited networking infrastructure for organizations and commercial buildings. Our service is ranked among the best in the business. Call us to make sure that your school data network is on par with the recommended standards.



Our company has installed data cabling for multiple schools in Oakland. Schools need a strong data network for their students and teaching faculty. To get the best contractor for the job, call The Network Installers for data cabling and wireless networks for schools. Our services are based on standard networking guidelines to guarantee the best quality.

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San Diego

As a school manager in San Diego, your building needs the proper network cabling to serve the entire faculty and students. To make sure you have the best infrastructure, call The Network Installers to receive data cabling and a wireless network for your school. Our team of network cabling installers will design a system tailored to your needs.


Learning institutions in Sacramento can get quality data cabling from The Network Installers. We are the top-rated contractor of data cabling and wireless networks for schools in California. To keep your data network in good condition, always get your cabling from a respected contractor. We have the networking tools to create your school's network infrastructure.

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San Francisco

Do you want a data cabling contractor for your school? We offer the best data cabling and wireless networks for schools in San Francisco. Our company has an excellent team of technicians who are qualified to install reliable network cabling for commercial use. Contact The Network Installers for all your school's data cabling and wireless network needs.

Cabling Solutions for Schools

The Network Installers has the best data cabling solutions for schools and commercial buildings. We provide the cabling for all your network uses including wifi and fiber optic cables. If your current data network is experiencing delays and downtime, it’s time to replace it. Our company creates efficient data networks that save energy and enhance data speeds for multiple users.

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Low Voltage Cabling Installation for Schools

Your school’s monitoring equipment and communication equipment uses low voltage wiring. Always use the recommended network cabling to minimize cases of equipment malfunction. The Network Installers is ready to provide low voltage cabling installation for schools and other institutions. Give us a call to get professional contractors for all your network issues and to install high-speed fiber optic cabling.

Brands We Install

Our company uses products from established IT brands such as Cisco and Datto. Other brands we use include Aruba and Fortinet. We always provide quality products when setting up your network devices. Trust The Network Installers with network cabling for schools.

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