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Cisco Meraki Installation Services

Give your business the best chance to beat the competition with high quality internet and phone cable connection. Cisco Meraki Installation sees to it that your business never struggles with intra business communication or transfer of data. With Cisco Meraki managed business WiFi, for instance, you’re sure of getting a steady internet connection for your firm and your paid broadband customers. You’ll experience fluid and fast internet access to boost every business operation that depends on internet connectivity. We also offer assistance to firms who are overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to engage in to keep their IT unit running smoothly. As a Cisco Meraki managed IT service provider we have all it takes to cater to your IT needs. Our cloud-managed services will help you concentrate on other sections of your business; increasing your efficiency and then your revenue. As a Cisco Meraki partner and distributor we do our best to provide you outstanding customer service and will work with your team to design and install a custom made solution.

Site Assessment

Every commercial facility has its peculiar features which make it unique and different from others. We undertake site assessments to ascertain what installation model will best suit your firm. You want the best installation and that's what we strive to provide.


Network installation entails a degree of engineering expertise. Your business' data cabling, telephone wiring, or WiFi installation are technical jobs which require the best hands. Cisco Meraki network support engineers are readily available to see that you get the best.


Cisco Meraki Installation uses the best materials and technology to give your business or organization a network set-up that will withstand network intensive stress. We also make sure that we use models whose interfaces are easy to operate.

The Network Installers is the top-rated Cisco Meraki Partner.

Having proven itself as one of the best network installation outfits in the US, The Network Installers sit comfortably as the foremost Cisco Meraki Partner, providing installation services in various sectors such as retail, technology, healthcare, office, government, and education.

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Google Reviews

Cisco Meraki Partners and Distributors

As a Cisco Meraki partner and distributor, we are able to provide unbeatable WiFi connection to our managed network clients. The Cisco Meraki platform can also be used to provide a reliable cloud-managed connection to clients. Distributors also have access to the plethora of Cisco Meraki tools and the latest software to make sure your installation stands up to today’s data demands.

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Cisco Meraki Managed Business WiFi

Thanks to the Cisco Meraki platform, businesses can now enjoy dedicated managed business WiFi. With Cisco Meraki managed business WiFi, your customers get to have a robust network connection. It’s a service you can trust to provide a fast internet experience for your customers. Your business facility would never need to worry about browsing lags or slow data transfer after installation of our managed business WiFi.

Cisco Meraki Managed IT Service Provider

Managed IT services have never been easier! Cisco Meraki Managed IT service provider platform gives you access to a number of tools specially designed to provide security and cloud-managed services to your team. With the number of businesses seeking to outsource their IT operations and management, a Cisco Meraki managed IT service provider, makes it easier to keep the IT operations in-house.

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We serve a number of locations, providing network optimization for residences, businesses and industries across several states. As low voltage contractors, we know the difference between standard and low voltage wiring. Our diverse coverage makes us a reliable service provider.

san jose

San Jose

Known as a major hub for science, technology, and innovation, San Jose is one city that's home to many thriving businesses. Being the largest city in Silicon Valley, Cisco Meraki Installation services are in high demand. We’re here as Cisco Meraki WiFi installers and partners to provide all businesses with network services.

los angeles

Los Angeles

Home to Hollywood and a large portion of California's population. Cisco Meraki partners in Los Angeles help businesses achieve their dream of using quality network products. Our Cisco Meraki WiFi installers are available whenever you call. If your business is located in Los Angeles, our Cisco Meraki Installation is at your service.



On the east side of San Francisco Bay sits this flourishing city. Your Oakland-based firm needs phone cabling or business WiFi installation you can count on always. Our Cisco Meraki WiFi installers see to it that your business' internet is always active when needed. As a Cisco Meraki partner we offer Cisco Meraki Installation services across the city.

san diego

San Diego

When we think of a warm climate, beautiful beaches, and lovely parks, San Diego is the name that comes to mind. Our company finds San Diego a haven for businesses seeking excellent Cisco Meraki phone cabling and internet installation. As the leading Cisco Meraki partner and Cisco Meraki WiFi installer in the city, we are here to serve you.


As California's capital city, there is a wide range of viable business opportunities present in Sacramento. Our Cisco Meraki Installation is always on hand to provide network installation products to both large enterprises and local businesses as well. You can count on our Cisco Meraki WiFi installers to handle your internet needs while considering your facility’s unique features.

San Francisco golden gate bridge

San Francisco

Northern California's major financial hub is home to many large tech giants. Business operations thrive on effective communication. Cisco Meraki Installation gives your business reliable phone wiring and WiFi installation. We have proven to be one of the best Cisco Meraki WiFi installers in San Francisco. Give us a call to talk to a Cisco Meraki expert.

Cisco Meraki Installation Guide

Cisco Meraki Installation Guide

Installation of network connection products can be quite technical and would require trained hands. A Cisco Meraki installation endows your facility with reliable phone cabling and internet connection. We also provide manuals and guides to assist you and your team. Cisco Meraki installation guides come in detailed videos, diagrams, and written text; providing instructions and guidance for users and maintenance managers.

Industries We Serve

When it comes to phone cabling and physical installation of Cisco Meraki access points, we serve commercial and enterprise level clients. Our reach spans several sectors of the economy, providing phone cabling and internet solutions for firms and organizations.

commercial building structured cabling installation

Commerce is the backbone of every local economy; the exchange of a product or service for money. Every commercial institution needs an easily scalable transfer of data and communication. Cisco Meraki Installation services provide reliable cabling and internet connection for your commercial facility.

office wifi installation

How would a modern office function without adequate network installations such as well-wired telephone lines or WiFi connections! It is imperative to have solid communication between your team and clients. As a Cisco Meraki partner in your city, we provide Cisco Meraki Installation services. We’ve got your office network needs covered.

warehouse network installation

Warehouse operations cannot thrive without efficient communication and supervision. From order placement to delivery and sorting, a network connection is very important. Our Cisco Meraki Installation services can give ease to your warehouse operations with our reliable WiFi internet installation. Call us to get in touch with a Cisco Meraki expert.

manufacturing facility data cable installation

When it comes to manufacturing, it is important to note that the hallmark of manufacturing is innovation. Innovation can be inspired from the tiniest idea, that is why our Cisco Meraki Installation offers manufacturers the opportunity to have reliable network connections they can leverage to bring innovation to life.

new construction low voltage wiring installation

Not everyone likes making adjustments to an already completed building structure. Some prefer to make all additions before the building is finished. Our Cisco Meraki Installation technicians can work with construction engineers to design built-in network connections. Producing an aesthetic and a well-connected facility.

network installation for schools

In recent years, the education industry has become almost dependent on digital networking. More schools are embracing distance learning through the use of live video classes. This is reliant on a great internet connection, a task our Cisco Meraki Installation specialists handle well for educational institutions.

structured cabling installation for hospital

The healthcare industry is one sector we serve because as an organization, we believe that everyone should enjoy great health and have the chance to live well despite having health challenges. As a Cisco Meraki partner we ensure that our Cisco Meraki Installation services are readily available for healthcare institutions.

network installation for government buildings

Government agencies aren’t left out of the list of clients we serve. Government buildings require well-connected phone cabling, linking office to office. Our Cisco Meraki Installation carries out phone cabling service as well as data network connection on government buildings. We’re just a call away.

network installation for tech companies

Technology is the driving force behind the changing way people live their day-to-day life. Formerly, it was normal for people to post letters on paper but thanks to technology, they only need computers now. Our Cisco Meraki Installation serves technology-driven industries with reliable network installations.

data cabling for cannabis businesses

With the world moving ever closer to fully legalizing the use of cannabis for recreational purposes, the industry is growing in leaps and bounds. As a Cisco Meraki partner we ensure that firms operating in the cannabis industry enjoy great network experiences via our Cisco Meraki Installation service.

Network and Phone Systems for Hospitality

The hospitality industry is one of the major highlights of every city. Our Cisco Meraki Installation renders network installation services to hotels, resorts, and other sectors of the industry. We install phone cables and WiFi while maintaining the aesthetics of buildings. We’re only a dial away.

structured cabling installation for retail facility

Our Cisco Meraki Installation also renders network installation services to retail facilities. That’s because you need a reliable network connection to use a Point of Sale (POS) payment service.  This adds a digital touch to your retail business; easing payment and computation of data. Contact us for yours!


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