Ubiquiti Wifi Solutions: an Overview of Ubiquiti Wifi

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Ubiquiti offers wifi solutions that can help your business stay connected whether you’re a very small business or a large-scale operation. Using their products, you can customize a wifi network that will have the power to sustain all of your users. Ubiquiti products include access points, routers, switches, base stations, and more. Learn more here about how Ubiquiti wifi works and the advantages of using Ubiquiti wifi solutions. 

Ubiquiti Wifi

Ubiquiti uses UniFi OS consoles and hardware to help you manage your network. On the UniFi Network, you can view and manage various aspects of your Wifi system. For example, you are able to view graphs and visuals in real time of what’s happening on your network. You can also choose to look at things overall or by device. This helps you manage your network, view where data is going, and evaluate any issues within your wifi network. 

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Ubiquiti UniFi Products 

There are many products to choose from when using Ubiquiti for your wifi solution. You can choose from their options of routers, access points, and switches to create a network that is efficient for your property. Unifi access points allow you to create a robust network, and options include backup, long-range access points, lite access point, mesh, enterprise, building to building bridge, extender, pro, and more. Some solutions allow you to have up to 1,500 concurrent clients, and all access points use power over Ethernet (PoE) or PoE+. 

UniFi Hardware Options 

One of the hallmarks of Ubiquiti wifi solutions is their access points that allow you to scale and customize your wifi network throughout your business. They offer seven types of access points for all types of environments and deployment types. When you choose the best access points for your business, you can maximize coverage. 

When you’re putting your wifi network together in your business, Ubiquiti can help with the UniFi design center that you can use to plan and simulate your UniFi wireless system. This is a big help when you’re in the planning stages and are trying to decide what routers, access points, and switches you’ll need. 

Choose from ceiling-mounted access points, in-wall access points, mesh access points, wifi extenders, wifi base stations, and building to building bridges. 

Ceiling-mounted access points are best for small and medium businesses, and they can handle anywhere from 150-1500 concurrent clients. The unit uses up to 31 watts of power consumption. 

In-wall access points are mounted on the wall like an electrical outlet. It’s easy to make this type of access point discreet, which makes it good for hotels, museums, and any other place where design and aesthetics are important. The unit can handle up to 250 concurrent clients, and it uses up to 23 watts of power consumption. 

Mesh access points are small, sleek, and powerful. Their small footprint makes it easy to install them near users, on walls, on ceilings, on poles, or in any other convenient location. They work well on large campuses and in places with indoor/outdoor transitions. Ubiquiti’s mesh access points can handle up to 192 concurrent clients, and they use up to 10.5 watts of power. 

Ubiquiti’s wifi extenders are easy to install; simply plug them into an electrical outlet. The extenders provide two times the wifi coverage range, and they use up to 11.5 watts of power. 

You’ll get a powerful and high-capacity wifi base station with Ubiquiti’s UniFi regardless of which base station you use. These base stations can serve indoor or outdoor areas and are great for large, high-capacity buildings such as a stadium or event venue. Base stations can handle up to 1,500 concurrent clients, and they use up to 31 watts of power. 

With a building to building bridge, you’ll get a powerful, multi-gigabit wireless link between locations. This helps you create a connected network between two buildings. Ubiquiti’s bridges work best without any obstructions. They can serve an area of up to 500 meters and use up to 11 watts of power. 

Ubiquiti also offers dream machine router consoles, which help you manage all of your applications and stay in control of your network. You can also choose UniFi switches with up to 48 ports. 

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Benefits and Advantages of Ubiquiti Wifi Solutions

Unlike some other wifi options, with Ubiquiti, you can’t simply buy one piece of hardware, plug it in, and be ready to go. While it may take a bit more legwork to get up and running, using various pieces of hardware is actually an advantage. This type of wifi network configuration gives you a lot of control surrounding your network. 

You can start with the base that makes the most sense for your property and then add switches and access points. This way, you can really customize as you scale your business, and you can upgrade piece by piece as your funds and needs increase. Additionally, all of the UniFi hardware uses PoE. This helps make the initial setup easier and more cost-effective because you only need to run the Ethernet cable to each unit and don’t have to worry about additional wiring. 

Ubiquiti also offers a UniFi Network application that allows you to manage your wireless access points and other aspects of your wifi network remotely. The application will enable you to monitor network traffic and see how devices are connected. You can also use the platform to monitor other applications such as security cameras and access control. 

Finally, Ubiquiti Unifi wifi allows you to connect to more than one internet connection, and each access point can connect to up to eight wireless networks. This redundancy is ideal for large businesses and for avoiding outages.

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