Small Business Network Setup Cost: Pricing Guide For 2024

Small Business Network Setup Cost

Determining the cost of setting up a small business network is akin to piecing together a complex puzzle. Each component, from ethernet cable to fiber optic cable, plays a crucial role in the overall functionality and cost.

Understanding the investment required for a robust computer network is essential for any business planning to ensure reliable internet access and the ability to access multiple network devices efficiently.

How Much Will A Small Business Network Setup Cost You?


The cost of a small business network setup can vary widely, but the range is around $1000 to $5000.

Factors influencing the price include the type of internet connection, the length and type of ethernet cables used, the quality of the network switch, and whether optical fiber is needed for high-speed requirements.

The scale of the network also impacts the cost – the more extensive the network, the higher the investment, especially when you aim to connect the entire network seamlessly.

Network Cost Basics

Network Installation Costs

Network installation costs include expenses for materials like coaxial cable, twisted pair cabling [1], or shielded cable, depending on your ethernet network design.

Installation also involves labor costs for cable management and setting up computer networks.

Network installation costs vary based on materials and labor. For instance, the cost for materials like coaxial cable or Cat cables typically ranges from $0.20 to $1 per foot. Labor costs, depending on the complexity and region, can range from $50 to $100 per hour.

Internet Access Choices

Your choice of internet service provider (ISP) can significantly impact cost. Different internet service providers offer varied pricing for different types of connections, like wireless connectivity or a dedicated ethernet network.

Speed and Security

Investing in network security is essential. Costs may vary based on the level of security required, including firewalls and secure access protocols. Additionally, network speed requirements, determined by the type of internet service and network hardware, affect overall costs.

Network Components Cost

Router Lan Port

Router, Network Switch & Firewalls

Routers are crucial for routing internet access across your network. The cost to install routers and network switches like an ethernet switch varies based on features such as wireless technology and the capacity to handle various network devices.

A firewall reduces network interference, enhances security, and adds to the cost. The price of these components depends on their sophistication and suitability for your local area network.

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Servers & Devices

Server costs for small business networks can start from $500 for basic models and go up to several thousand dollars for high-performance servers. Other devices, like wireless access points, might cost between $50 and $200 each.

Servers, necessary for managing data and applications, can be a significant investment, especially in an existing building where upgrading is needed. The cost of servers varies based on storage capacity and performance requirements.

Other devices, including wireless access points and network hubs, also contribute to the total cost. These are essential for a comprehensive wired or wireless internet setup and play a vital role in the functionality of the overall network.

Computer Network Infrastructure Planning

Internet Setup

Infrastructure Setup

Infrastructure setup involves selecting appropriate cabling, such as twisted pair cables, cat cables, or premium ethernet cabling.

For a hardwired network, considerations include the type of cable management system used and the integration of components like a network hub and wireless access point.

Choosing Network Location

The network location impacts the need for various infrastructure elements like coaxial cables, fiber cables, and electrical outlets. A well-chosen location can minimize cable length and improve network efficiency.

Cable Length & Costs

For cable length, optical fiber cables can cost around $1 to $3 per foot, depending on the type and quality. The need for multiple cable jacks also adds to the cost, with each jack installation averaging between $20 and $50.

The length of cables, whether twisted copper cables, optical fiber cables [2], or rubber cable runners, affects the cost.

Long runs of ethernet cabling or optical fiber cable can increase expenses, as can the need for multiple cable jacks.

Lease, Permits & Security

Consider lease costs for space, permits for network installations, and security measures.

Ensuring a secure wired connection with elements like copper wire and wired internet can necessitate additional investment to help the network run properly, especially when integrating mobile devices and multiple devices.

IT Closet Setup

Preparing IT Space

Preparing the IT space involves evaluating the computer cost and ensuring sufficient room for all equipment, including a cable jack and space to install additional wall plates.

Consider the layout for optimal use of existing cabling and new installations.

Installation Essentials

The installation cost can vary depending on whether you’re establishing a mesh network or a hardwired networks. Ensure that internal networking components, like standardized cables, are properly organized for easy maintenance and scalability.

Power & Grounding

Power and grounding are essential for long-distance communication and to connect devices safely.

In hardwired networks, it’s crucial to have reliable power sources and grounding for basic computer operations and the network’s overall health.


How much does it cost to buy a network?

The cost to establish a basic office network starts around $1000, going up to $10,000 or more for larger, more complex networks.

The cost of buying an office network varies greatly depending on the scale, complexity, and type of network components used. It includes expenses for hardware, cabling, and installation services.

How much does a network design cost?

Professional network design services can cost from $500 for small, simple networks to $5000 or more for extensive, complex designs.

Network design costs for an office network can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the complexity of the network and the professional services required for its planning and implementation.

Which type of network is widely used in small businesses?

Small businesses commonly use Ethernet-based local area networks (LANs) for their affordability and simplicity in connecting multiple number of devices. Wireless LANs (WLANs) are also popular due to their flexibility and ease of expanding or reconfiguring the network as the business grows.

In conclusion, small businesses can use wired, wireless, or hybrid networks, with the choice depending on the specific needs and layout of the office network.


The cost of setting up a small business network varies widely, depending on your specific requirements. Factors like the type of network, equipment quality, and setup scale all play a crucial role.

It’s essential to consider immediate costs and long-term value to ensure your network effectively supports your business. Our team is ready to provide a precise estimate tailored to your unique situation.

Are you looking for a precise cost estimate for your office network? Contact The Network Installers today for a free consultation. Our experts will provide an exact quote, ensuring your network meets your business’s needs and budget. Take action now to optimize your network setup!


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