How Long Does It Take to Install WiFi? Full Guide

How Long Does WiFi Installation Take

Knowing how long the installation will take is important if you plan to set up a wireless internet connection to supercharge your business connectivity.

While some installations may be completed relatively quickly, others may require more time and meticulous planning to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Let’s dive in and find out what factors decide how long does it take to install Wi-Fi to manage expectations and ensure a smooth Internet installation process.

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How Long Does Wi-Fi Installation Take?

Setting up Wi-Fi has become increasingly streamlined in recent years, with basic configurations typically taking 10 to 15 minutes. However, the time can vary depending on network complexity, installer expertise, device availability, and environmental factors.

While small networks need a few minutes, Larger networks or specialized setups may require more time. Careful planning and consideration are crucial for an efficient internet installation process.

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What Equipment Is Involved in Internet Connection Installation?

How Long Does WiFi Installation Take?

Wi-Fi installation involves assembling and configuring Wi-Fi equipment and software to deliver wireless internet access across your business premises. The process is similar if you also deploy your current service for your home office environment.

The physical infrastructure to establish a Wi-Fi network within your premises often involves various Wi-Fi equipment. The most common is a Wi-Fi router. However, some larger premises may require other devices, such as Wi-Fi extenders, to boost the network and ensure connectivity in each zone of your building. 

Although self-installation and “out-of-the-box” solutions are available, they tend to be more geared towards residential use or require minimal devices.  A site survey is vital to achieving the best possible outcome for serious business use.

How Long Does Wi-Fi Installation Take in Corporate Environments?

How long does WiFi installation take in corporate environments

Structural Work

If your business is awaiting structural work to be completed, such as FTTP (Fiber To The Premises), this can delay the installation of Wi-Fi. In these situations, waiting until the required work is finished before attempting installation is essential.

Landlord Permissions

In rented business properties, landlord permission may be required for your new address. If you need to gain permission from your landlord first, or there is a delay in gaining permission, this will inevitably stall the Wi-Fi installation process.

Physical Design of Building

Another aspect to consider is the physical design of your building. The materials, size, and external environment may hinder installation. Extra gadgets may need to be sourced to ensure a stable, high-speed internet connection, but the provider raised prices.

Wi-Fi Boosters Required

Some businesses require the use of one or more Wi-Fi extenders. These help boost the signal around a property and ensure no “black” spots. While setting up these is relatively simple, it can increase the installation time.

Internet Outages

Any internet outages caused by nearby utility works or your telecoms company will directly impact the Wi-Fi installation time. Although these projects are usually planned and announced well in advance, internet outages can occur anytime.

What Is the Wi-Fi Installation Process?

Install the Equipment

The first stage involves plugging the new router into a nearby power socket and connecting it to your new internet connection (usually a modem).

A port on the rear of the routers will be labeled “WAN” or “Internet.” Plug an ethernet cable into this port and connect it to the modem. You may need to turn your router and modem off and on again.

Connect to the Wi-Fi Router

Once the equipment is connected, use a laptop or desktop computer to connect to the router directly using an ethernet cable. This is done by connecting to one of the “LAN” ports on the back of the router.

Log in and locate the configuration control panel using the router’s default IP address or the supplied software.

Set up a New Wi-Fi Network

Once inside the router’s control panel, follow the instructions to set up a new Wi-Fi network. Provide a suitable name that you can recognize in the future.

Any name you choose will be publicly visible to anyone who scans for nearby networks. This will usually be a company name that workers and visitors can recognize.

Secure the Network

When setting up your network, it is important to establish a secure password. The WPA2-PSK (AES) protocol is the most secure to date.

Opt for the most secure password using letters, numbers, and special characters.

Specialists can install other security measures across your internet, such as a firewall, for mission-critical enterprise settings for a good price.

Test the Connection

The final step involves checking the new connection. Testing the wireless signal using various devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets, is worth testing. Check the signal in different areas of your building—even outdoors.

If the new broadband connection in your new house or new property is laggy, you may need Wi-Fi extenders to boost the signal.

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Wireless Network Setup Checklist:

  • Gather Equipment:
    • Wi-Fi router
    • Modem (if not integrated into router)
    • Ethernet cables
    • Power adapters
    • Computer or mobile device for setup
  • Choose a Location
  • Connect the Hardware
  • Access Router Settings
  • Configure Wi-Fi Settings
  • Test the Connection
  • Secure Your Network
  • Update Firmware
  • Document Settings
  • Additional Configurations

How Long Does It Take to Work Following Installation?

After installing all the required equipment and testing to ensure the signal functions as intended throughout the entire property, Wi-Fi is ready for use after a few hours.

The testing process for the new service is generally simple in smaller buildings and homes, but larger corporate environments may require greater testing before widespread rollout.

Factors That Could Delay Your Wi-Fi Installation 

  1. Need for a New Phone Line: If your property lacks a BT landline, essential for providers operating on the Openreach network (excluding Virgin Media and Hyperoptic), a new phone line installed inside your premises is necessary for internet access.
  2. Moving to a New House or Property: New construction homes must be registered before phone line or broadband service orders can be processed for your new address. 
  3. Rental Property Considerations: Tenants in rental properties may need the landlord’s permission before installing broadband or a phone line. While refusal is uncommon, reviewing the tenancy contract is advisable before you sign your broadband contract. 
  4. Missed Engineer Appointment: Ensuring someone 18 or older is present during the engineer’s appointment is crucial. Failure to do so may result in installation delays and potential charges on broadband contract for wasted time.
  5. Other Factors: The type of internet connection (DSL, cable, fiber), the complexity of the network (number of devices, fixed line, and network size), customers waiting, and any potential issues with the equipment or configuration can impact the time it takes to set up Wi-Fi on your current provider. 


Do I need any technical expertise to set up Wi-Fi?

While setting up Wi-Fi can be straightforward, some technical knowledge will be helpful, especially if troubleshooting is required. Many modern routers come with user-friendly setup wizards that guide you through the process step by step (self-install). 

However, major broadband providers can help make setting up your Wi-Fi hassle-free. If the price jumps on your current provider service, give us your target moving date, and we will give you a quote. 

If I transfer my internet access to a new home, will my ISP assist with setting up the connection?

Some ISPs offer assistance with setting up internet connections in new homes when simply transferring to a new broadband service. Your current provider may also request an early termination fee for the initial contract period if you transfer to a specific property or if moving house.

If you have a working broadband line, plug in the routers and get a new contract from the broadband provider under your name. However, if you need a new internet line, an engineer visit will take up to two weeks (the time varies depending on different providers, and we don’t recommend self-installation).

To get a more detailed broadband installation date and fixed term ending, let us know your target move-in date.

Can I use my existing Wi-Fi equipment with a new internet service provider?

Whether your old Wi-Fi equipment will work with a new provider depends on factors such as compatibility with the technology used by the current broadband provider and any specific configuration requirements on the new contract. 

Consult your old and new broadband providers for guidance on compatibility and setup procedures for the new line or fixed line.

Arrange Your Wi-Fi Installation

Secure Wi-Fi at your company or home. The best way to get started is to consult a specialist.

Choosing a company conducting a full site survey beforehand will help identify any potential stumbling blocks during broadband installation. Unlock the full potential of your connections with our expert Wi-Fi setup.

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