What To Look For When Hiring a Wireless Internet Installer

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A reliable wifi network is prudent for your business success. When it comes to reliability, it’s not just about picking the best technology. You also need to find the best wifi installer in your area.

The simple fact of the matter is commercial wifi installation is not as simple as setting up a router in a house. You’ll need to be a bit pickier when choosing an installer and make your decision based on various factors.

One of which is their experience.

Working with an experienced wifi installation company comes with many benefits aside from just having a reliable network.

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss how you, someone who may lack technical knowledge, can gauge what makes a wifi installer “the best”. Secondly, you’ll discover what they should deliver to you after the work is done.

Wireless Internet Installation: What To Look For In Installers?

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Commercial Wifi Installation Experience

Like we said, experience plays a big role in your quest to find the best commercial WiFi installation company. You’re looking for a company that knows the ins and outs of communication infrastructure.

That doesn’t go for the boss, but every engineer he will have on the job site working on your network. This guarantees that your network will be set up effectively, quickly, and diligently. Commercial installation is not a walk in the park compared to installing a network at your average residence.


What separates setting up a wifi network in a home vs. commercial setting? The dire need for customization based on the size of the property, network uses, speed demands, budget, etc. Everything matters, down to the color of your secretaries hair.

Ok, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but do you get the point?

Any team of installers will send a team of engineers to your premises to do a site assessment. Site assessments are important to help your installer understand how many access points will be needed and their placement. This ensures you’ll have seamless connectivity everywhere from your corner office down to the mailroom.

The more access points needed, the more due diligence your installer must do. There’s just too much that can go catastrophically wrong putting true meaning to the phrase, “you get what you pay for”

Experience In Your Industry

The three sweetest words you can hear when prospecting a commercial wifi installer are, “we’ve done this before”. And if they’re followed with an explanation of exactly what they did for their previous client in your industry, get excited.


It’s clear to see that setting up a business wifi network is not something you should tackle without professional help. The only question is, “will you still need professional help from time to time after your network is set up?”

The answer is most likely yes. When picking a network installer, your best bet is to find one who will be there for you in the case that something happens to your network. There’s only so much support the manufacturer of your IT hardware can provide.

What To Look For In Your Commercial WiFi Network

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When installers cut corners, you pay on the back end with downtime and unreliability. Engineers must pay attention at every step of the way including surveys, assessments, and installation. On the other side, the network equipment used matters a great deal. Better quality equipment (used as it’s designed) will give you a stronger signal, more reliability, less maintenance, and improvement on just about every metric.


Security is priority numero uno for wireless networks. Without security measures, you’re allowing the fox free access to the henhouse. This can all be avoided with a security protocol. When it comes to commercial WiFi networks, security doesn’t necessarily come standard. Some work needs to be done by your installer creating protected access, integrating supplemental security equipment, adding firewalls, and more.


Anywhere that work gets done, there needs to be a strong signal. During a site assessment, a qualified engineer will look at various factors like the density of the building materials, elevation, etc to determine what kind of equipment is needed to get your organization the range it needs.

Ubiquiti Wifi Installation

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Do you want to give your business the biggest edge possible in the digital space? Then you’ll want to take advantage of modern tools and technology Ubiquiti WiFi installation. With UniFi, you can customize your IT operations to meet the growing demands of your business. Not all IT companies are certified Ubiquiti installers or authorized resellers, so buyers beware.

But what do you get when you match UniFi technology with an experienced Ubiquiti installer? A powerful ecosystem of routers, switches, security cameras, and wireless access points will transform your data network into a robust IT system.

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