What To Look For When Hiring a Network Cable Installer

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Internet access is critical for organizations and businesses across the world. Our ability to combine modern technology with advanced installation methods makes it easier than ever to meet the requirements of organization success.

We say easier than ever, but that’s only after years and years of experience doing office data cabling, office wiring, network design, etc.

In this article, we’re going to discuss what you should look for in your journey to find the best network installation company.

What To Look For In Network Cable Installers

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Office Data Cabling Requires Experience

Network cabling installation can be complex, meaning if your technician doesn’t have the skill or experience to get the job done, then you’ll miss out on all of the benefits of having your own network.

This is true, whether it’s for a corporate office, warehouse, school, or business complex. Whatever organization you run, you need reliable and high-speed connectivity. An experienced network installer will know how to optimize your data center and internet requirements through enhanced network wiring and ethernet cable installation systems.

Commercial Network Cabling Must Be Customized

There’s nothing cookie-cutter about office data cabling. You need installers who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure you have maximum connectivity. Highly trained installers will be able to efficiently evaluate your specific data center or business needs.

They’ll answer questions like:

  • How many people will be connected to your network?
  • What kind of activities will be done online?
  • Where parts of your premises have the greatest demand for connectivity?
  • How many access points will be necessary to meet the coverage demands of the space?


The best network installation company will have 24/7 availability to you in times that your network faces connectivity issues that need to be resolved quickly.

Proper Network Design Requires Thorough Planning

We get it, you needed a network setup yesterday! We’ve seen a lot of businesses with this mindset and unfortunately, they often end up paying the price later for a variety of reasons.

When we get the call to assess the network that was set up for them, we see that every corner was cut. Cut too many corners and it can actually be made difficult to diagnose every issue.

You end up facing a triple gut-punch of a setback. Your network performs poorly from its inception, when it finally goes out the troubleshooting process is long, and it hurts your pockets by having to pay again for the same work to be done correctly.

To us, thorough planning means making sure every cable is labeled and documented. Charts of every network cable should be drawn before installation even starts so you have a full picture of the network requirements. This will save your installer time and ensure there’s less opportunity for things to go wrong.

What Makes A Good Network Cable Installation?

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All Network Communication Should Be Layered With Security

First and foremost, if you can’t protect what’s yours (your network), then your data is at risk at all hours of the day. Every network needs firewalls and other security measures to protect it from outside attacks and bloat created by unauthorized users. Ask your prospective network wiring company if they’re certified with brands like Fortinet, Cisco, and Barracuda Networks.

Office Wiring Should Have An Organized Network Design

Your network and its technology is only as strong as its installation. To have the best possible network, you need an organized wiring and cabling system that reduces interference, increases bandwidth, and can be easily accessed to scale or diagnose problems.

Network cabling is a complex procedure and the technician you choose will absolutely make or break your network.

If your current network wiring looks like a bowl of spaghetti, then you have room to optimize your network.

Does Your Network Wiring Have Expandability?

A foremost thought of any experienced network cable installer is how well they’re setting up a network to grow in the future. As a business owner, you want your network to be able to grow as you grow. This means that setting up a network is not a one-time thing, but an ongoing process that lasts the lifetime of your business.

Upgradability is one of the biggest competitive advantages a business can have over its competition.

Final Thoughts On Network Installation

If you’re reading this article, it’s because you’re aware of the need for comprehensive networking systems. If your business demands a reliable solution for network wiring, then it’s only fitting that you work with the best installers to get the job done.

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