What To Expect When Installing a High-Speed Ethernet Cable: Cat 6a

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Installing a Cat6a Ethernet cable for your business is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a fast and reliable network. Cat6a cables can help you future-proof your business, and they can handle the fast speeds that many commercial buildings require today. 

Installing network cables in your building is a good investment toward its future. Most businesses will opt to have a network installation company install their cables, but even so, it can be helpful to know a bit about the installation process and what to expect. 

What is Cat6a Ethernet Cable? 

If you’re installing Cat6a Ethernet cables at your business or commercial building, you’ve made the right choice because it’s one of the most advanced cables you can install. 

Cat6a Ethernet cable is a networking cable that allows your business to be connected to the internet at high speeds. Inside the cable, there are four pairs of twisted conductor wires that allow for internet speeds up to 10 Gbps and 500 MHz. Cat6a is one of the best cabling options available today, and installing it is a great way to future-proof your business. 

Installing Ethernet Cable Cat 6a

There are many factors that can affect how your installation will go. These factors can affect your costs as well as how much downtime you’ll face while your network is being installed. Utilizing a professional Ethernet wiring service can help ensure a smooth installation process and minimize downtime.

Where is Cat6a Cabling Installed? 

Your cables are typically installed out of sight, which often means behind walls, in HVAC ducts, in ceilings, or under floors. This can get complicated, however, in historic buildings. These buildings typically have rules and restrictions you need to follow when doing any sort of renovation or installation. In these buildings, you may need more cable and installation time to get your network set up. Your installers may need to get creative regarding where they run the cables. 

In new construction or in a building that is already undergoing renovations, it may be easier to install cables. Otherwise, you should expect a bit of a mess as cables are run and your network is installed. 

Cat6a Network Cable Design 

Installation is also highly dependent on your design plan and what type of cabling already exists in your building. Before you begin the installation, it’s wise to start with a plan and a design. Of course, if you haven’t already, make sure Cat6a cables are the right choice for your business. They’re excellent cables that provide access to a fast network with little interference, but they are pricier than other cable categories, and they can be more difficult to install as well. 

You also need to decide where you want your cables run and where you need the cables to connect to devices. Running cable requires holes in walls, ceilings, or floors. You can also consider any extra features you need that may be unique to your business. Talk to your network installer about what features are available and what might make sense for you. 

If you’re simply replacing older cables, your installation will likely go very smoothly. Whoever installs your network will be able to use the same cable pathways in most cases. Then, they might need to update some hardware. 

If, however, you’re installing network cables for the first time, you’ll likely spend more time in the planning and design phase. You’ll need to work with a team to determine where you want your cables to run and where you need cables to terminate so you can plug them into devices.

Before you complete your design and plan, it’s important to consider what your building might need in the future. Try to envision how you’d like to scale in the next five to ten years and plan your network with that in mind. Today, you might not need a network connection in the back office or in a vacant apartment, but in one year, you might change your mind. Now is the time to install more cable and more connections than you think you need so you don’t have to repeat the installation process a few years down the road. 

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Ethernet Cable Cat 6a Installation Downtime

Like other factors of your installation, the amount of downtime you’ll experience can vary widely. This can be based on other factors identified above such as building age and the presence of previous cables. 

Another factor that can affect your downtime and overall installation time is the size of your building and the intricacies of your network. A smaller building with a simple installation plan will face little downtime, while a large building that requires many ports and termination locations will take more time to install, and you’ll face more interruption to your network while installation is taking place. 

In general, Cat6a cables will always take longer to install than lesser cable categories. That’s because the cables are very thick and inflexible. This is what makes them so powerful, but it can make installation a pain. The cables also cannot be turned at 90 degrees; bends or kinks in the cable can affect network performance. However, because Cat6a cables are future-proof, you won’t need to worry about more cable installation unless you decide to expand. 

Ethernet Cable Cat 6a Network Installation 

If you’re using a network installation company to plan and install your network, you won’t have to do too much work to get your network up and running. Even when you are paying somebody to install your network, however, it’s still good to know what they’re doing and what to keep in mind when planning out your network. This will help you be an informed business owner and can ensure you have the best network that meets your needs.

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