10 Best Audio Visual Companies For Multimedia Experience (2024)

Audio Visual Companies

Audiovisual technology plays a pivotal role in the modern era. Whether for corporate events, virtual gatherings, or dynamic presentations, the right AV setup can make or break the success of your event.

This guide highlights the leading audiovisual companies, showcasing their innovative solutions and how they can transform your experiences.

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Top 10 Audio Visual Companies & Services

1. The Network Installers

The Network Installers is an audio-visual company that offers customized audio-visual systems ideal for conferencing, training, and creating attention-grabbing displays.

Our services are designed to enhance the modern workplace by integrating various devices like cameras, microphones, and computers into a seamless system.

  • Seamless Integration: We provide a streamlined installation process, ensuring a flawless AV experience with complete camera, lighting, and noise reduction solutions.
  • Wireless AV Installation: Offering wireless cameras and microphones to simplify user experience and reduce clutter, we ensure stable WiFi connections comparable to wired ones.
  • Sound Mitigation: Utilizing sound masking technology, we effectively cut out background noise, enhancing the clarity and privacy of communications in noisy environments.

Transform your space with The Network Installers’ top-rated AV solutions. Whether it’s enhancing your conference room or upgrading your training facility, our team is ready to tailor an AV solution that’s just right for you.

Don’t let technical difficulties hold you back – contact us today to make your AV dreams a reality!

technician using visual and audio mixers

2. Advanced Staging Productions

Advanced Staging Productions excels as an event services partner, offering comprehensive solutions ranging from audio and video technology to lighting design, staging, and project management.

Their mission is to provide the right event technology tailored to specific needs, ensuring each event’s success regardless of size.

Audio Visual Services & Products:

  • State-of-the-art audio and video technology
  • Expert lighting design and staging
  • Comprehensive project management services
  • Cutting-edge products, including 4k Resolution Switchers, Wide Screen HD Projectors, and Fiber Optic Signal Distribution
  • Advanced sound systems like L’Acoustics Line Array Systems
  • Indoor & Outdoor LED Walls, Vari-Lite, and Martin Automated Lighting Fixtures​​
  • Skilled in both creative and event management with a focus on innovative technology and professional expertise​

3. AVI Systems

AVI Systems provides comprehensive audiovisual and collaboration technology solutions. They emphasize innovative and integrated solutions tailored to enhance communication and collaboration in various settings.

Audio Visual Services & Products:

  • Offers advanced audiovisual and collaboration solutions.
  • Specializes in integrating systems for unified communication and digital media.
  • Provides managed services to support and maintain AV systems.
  • Delivers custom solutions aimed at improving workflow and communication.
  • Focuses on strategic project integration to maximize return on investment and productivity.
  • Serves diverse clients, including educational institutions, businesses, and public spaces.

4. Delco Solutions

Delco Solutions specializes in providing full-service security systems and AV services.

They cater to various Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware facilities, combining professional training with networking knowledge for efficient multimedia solutions.

Audio Visual Services & Products:

  • Offers comprehensive audio and video technology services.
  • Specializes in lighting design and staging.
  • Provides extensive project management services for events.
  • Incorporates state-of-the-art products like 4K resolution switchers, HD projectors, fiber optic signal distribution, and automated lighting fixtures.
  • Services cover a broad range of markets, including education, corporate, non-profit, and event production.

5. Ford AV

Audio Visual Mixer

Ford AV is recognized for its fundamental role in enhancing organizational success through technology.

They offer full-cycle services from design to deployment, ensuring their professional staff meets the unique demands of each client’s technology systems.

Audio Visual Services & Products:

  • Managed Services: Providing dedicated, trained technicians for on-site room setup, system management, training, and maintenance, Ford AV helps organizations focus on their core business activities.
  • Remote Monitoring: Their AV Remote Monitoring and Management (AVRMM) service monitors networked and non-networked AV equipment, ensuring system reliability and operational continuity.
  • Comprehensive AV Solutions: Ford AV provides an array of solutions, including Direct-View LED, Digital Signage, Video Conferencing, Broadcast Systems, Command & Control setups, IT Networks, Sound Systems, and Security & Paging systems [1], catering to a wide range of industry needs.

6. Vistacom

Vistacom, with its commitment to technology and innovation, specializes in building audiovisual solutions that are closely aligned with digital transformation strategies.

They focus on simplifying user experiences and enhancing operational impact.

Audio Visual Services & Products:

  • Audiovisual Systems: Develops outcomes-driven audiovisual solutions that simplify user experiences and positively impact operations.
  • Control Systems: Provides seamless integration of reliable command center and control room technology, enhancing situational awareness and optimizing decision-making.
  • Unified Communication & Collaboration: Offers solutions to accelerate business results and streamline workflow with unified meeting experiences for modern enterprises.
  • Digital Signage: Specializes in transforming visions and communication strategies into dynamic AV installations that engage audiences and build awareness.

7. ClearOne

ClearOne offers complete professional audio and video solutions and cloud-based collaboration services. They focus on delivering high-quality, comprehensive AV services for professional home offices and commercial environments.

Audio Visual Services & Products:

  • Comprehensive audio and video solutions tailored for professional and commercial settings.
  • Specialized in cloud-based collaboration services.
  • Audio conferencing clarity provided by professional voice solutions.
  • AV networking services that offer cost-effective streaming of AV over an IP network.
  • Utilizes AV Manager for cloud AV management, enterprise AV management, and InSite Server.


AVFX specializes in providing state-of-the-art event technology services. They are dedicated to bringing meetings, conferences, or trade show exhibits to life with innovative lights, sound, projection, and engaging content.

Audio Visual Services & Products:

  • Specializes in event lighting, sound systems, microphones, and music selection.
  • Offers advanced projection mapping and LED video walls.
  • Provides comprehensive media production services, including video, motion graphics, and AV special effects.
  • Utilizes a strategic approach to event planning and design.

9. DGI Communications

DGI Communications is known for its innovative approach to audiovisual and communication solutions. They focus on delivering tailored AV services to meet the unique needs of their clients across various industries.

Audio Visual Services & Products:

  • Specializes in comprehensive AV solutions tailored for business and educational environments.
  • Offers cutting-edge visual equipment for dynamic presentations and events.
  • Provides customized control systems for efficient management of AV technologies.
  • Expertise in setting up video walls and digital signage for engaging audience experiences.
  • Delivers collaboration solutions to enhance corporate and educational interactions.

10. Avidex

Audio Visual Equipment

Avidex is committed to creating reliable, scalable, and serviceable audiovisual solutions. They enable organizations to collaborate, create, and share ideas through cutting-edge audiovisual and unified communication technologies.

Audio Visual Services & Products:

  • Expert in delivering professional AV services tailored to client-specific needs.
  • Serves a wide range of markets and industries in the US and globally.
  • Provides industry-focused teams and ongoing training to ensure client success.
  • Takes a consultative approach to projects, focusing on challenges, goals, and requirements while considering unique spaces and budgets.
  • Aims to create user-friendly, highly functional, and integrated AV solutions for exceptional, unified project experiences.
  • Designs and integrates world-class AV systems, emphasizing integrity and quality in every partnership​​​​​​​​.

Criteria for Identifying the Best Companies

Innovation in Audio Visual Technology

Innovation is key in the audio-visual industry. The best companies stay ahead by adopting and creating cutting-edge technologies for virtual events, control rooms, and virtual reality experiences.

They keep up with current trends and pioneer new solutions, catering to the evolving needs of entertainment venues, conference rooms, and various industries. This continual innovation ensures they can offer unique, customized experiences that stand out in a competitive market.

Quality & Range of AV Solutions

Quality and diversity of solutions are crucial. Top companies offer a broad range of AV services and equipment, adept at catering to everything from small classrooms to grand Las Vegas-style entertainment venues.

Their solutions should encompass everything from the traditional to the latest in digital and virtual technology, ensuring that they can meet the varied requirements of their clients across many industries.

Client Satisfaction & Testimonials

Client satisfaction is a significant indicator of a company’s competence in the AV industry. The best companies boast positive testimonials and high client satisfaction, reflecting their ability to deliver on their promises successfully.

It includes the end result and the process – from conceptualization to execution. Satisfied clients often highlight the company’s ability to understand and implement their ideas, provide excellent customer service, and deliver high-quality outcomes.


What does an audio-visual company do?

An audio-visual company specializes in providing services and equipment for events, including virtual events, corporate conferences, and entertainment venues. They offer solutions like sound systems [2], video walls, digital signage, and control systems to create successful events.

What industry is audiovisual?

The audio-visual industry encompasses providing technology and services for both live and virtual events across various sectors like business, education, entertainment, and consumer markets.

How big is the audio-visual market?

The audio-visual market is expansive and continues to grow, driven by advancements in technology, an increase in virtual and hybrid events, and the expanding need for innovative AV solutions in various industries.


Choosing a top-tier audio visual company is paramount for the success of your events, whether they’re in-person or virtual.

The profiled companies demonstrate unparalleled capabilities in delivering cutting-edge AV technology and services. Contact us for expert audio visual solutions tailored to your needs. Connect with us for a consultation to explore the latest in AV technology!


  1. https://www.cisa.gov/sites/default/files/2023-03/22_1220_s-n_tech-policy_paging-white-paper_508c.pdf
  2. https://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia/term/stereo-system
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